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10 Tips for Safeguarding an Elderly Loved One’s Home

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Having to witness a loved one age can be an incredibly difficult process. It’s crucial that their increasingly limited physical ability is accepted and accounted for and, as a result, the appropriate accommodations are put into place to assure a better quality of life. Early on, young people are provided with the safety and protection of their parents or guardians; but later on, it’s their responsibility to safeguard those that had once been the protectors.

To help prevent injuries and other health complications, a number of safety measures must be completed. While some household objects should be removed and eliminated from one’s proximity, there’s a large number of other safety instruments and devices that should be installed. Below are ten tips to decrease the obstacles and hazards associated with a home, along with suggested installations, alterations, and alternatives:


Through the installation of aluminum, steel, or wood ramps designed to lead to the main entrance of a residence, aging individuals will be able to gain easier access to the inside of their homes. These mild inclines are installed overtop–or in place of–inconvenient steps or lips positioned near a doorway.


Handrail installations will help guide individuals moving both up and down the stairs. They will also provide assistance for those navigating through hallways.

Toilet Risers

Supporting up to 800 lbs, these riser seats are clean, safe, and discreet. They provide additional support and stability for those in need of a smoother landing and a shorter rising distance. Sturdy grab bars near the toilet as well as the shower and bath will help provide more stability.

Secure Footing

By removing area rugs and runners that are bound to slide, a safer environment is facilitated for elderly people. Don’t risk a dangerous slip and fall by allowing these hazards to remain in one’s traveling proximity.

Cords & Wires

Lamp, extension, and telephone cords should be removed from areas in which traffic flows. Without placing under furniture or carpeting–which can cause a fire–find a way to safely secure these essential connections where the bottom of the wall and floor connect.

Inside Stairways

Secure stairways by installing lights to help guide an elderly individual safely up the stairs. Non-slip strips can also be implemented to provide additional grip support and traction while climbing.


Night-lights in hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms as well as the strategic placement of flashlights, will provide more clarity and brightness for an individual maneuvering their way around their home. Lamps that can be turned on and off with a simple touch will also assure that someone does not have to navigate in darkness.

Low Furniture

Tripping hazards include coffee tables, footstools, and other small objects that can cause a person to trip. By clearing away these items, the possibility of an injury or fall decrease.

Dishes & Glasses

Big, bulky and heavy dishes and glasses become difficult to clean as one ages. These kitchen essentials can be substituted with lightweight and unbreakable items.

Mobile Scooters & Wheelchairs

These devices can be used by elderly people that have intense difficulty or weakness when moving around. Most independent living solution companies have convenient opportunities for these types of devices. For example, there’s wheelchair and mobility scooter rental in New Jersey.

By following these ten tips, you will be able to create a more safe and accommodating environment for someone you love. Don’t deny their inevitable aging and implement the necessary safety eliminations and alterations. These changes do not have to be abrupt and startling to you and your loved one, and can come at a smooth and adjustable pace. Often, there are alternatives that can satisfy a large variety of necessary changes, such as pursuing a mobility or wheelchair rental in New Jersey. Be proactive and don’t wait until a serious injury occurs.

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