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Whether you need a wheelchair lift or another piece of mobility equipment, we’ve got you covered in Absecon, NJ and Hillsborough, NJ. We can set you up with your ideal lift so that you can have the feeling of being able to get around with ease once again. Many people who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters feel trapped in their homes, and we want to eradicate that feeling for good with home wheelchair lifts in the New Jersey area.

Residential Vertical Platform Lifts In NJ

At Mobility 123, it’s essential to us that our clients walk away with the knowledge necessary to utilize their home wheelchair lifts. It can be frustrating to rely on technology to perform daily tasks, so we prioritize explaining how to use a vertical platform lift as simply as possible.


According to the US Department of Transportation, all wheelchair lifts must be designed to carry a minimum load of six hundred pounds, with safety precautions put into place that let them carry up to 3,600 pounds. This helps ensure that even heavyset individuals who use wheelchairs can move around their homes.

A home wheelchair lift is designed to carry people who use wheelchairs upstairs or in residential elevators so that they can freely move between floors of their homes. This ensures that they have unhindered movement when residing in their domicile.

Signs that you might need a wheelchair lift are pretty obvious. If you have a steep flight of stairs that you or someone you know can’t get up without aid, then a wheelchair lift could come in handy.