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3 Benefits of Having a Walk-in Tub in Your Home (Or a Loved One’s Home)

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When you start getting up there in age, the things that were once easy and mundane can now seem more difficult to do on your own. One of these issues may be taking a shower. For many people, something as simple as getting in and out of the shower may even become dangerous. Although we are known as the best choice for stairlifts in New Jersey, we here at Mobility123 also are a proud provider of bathroom safety equipment.

Here are just a few of the benefits that come with a walk-in bathtub:

Safer Hygiene

All it takes is one slip in the shower for someone with mobility issues to be nervous about taking them as frequently. Avoid any lack of hygiene with a walk-in tub. A walk-in tab makes entering, exiting and even standing in the bathtub dramatically easier.

Possibly Raise The Value of Your Home

Anyone who lives in an area that has a lot of retirement age neighbors can add value to their home by having a walk-in tub installed. Walk-in tubs are designed to be installed by professionals. If a potential buyer was interested in your home and another home, a walk-in tub that is already installed may just be the deciding factor.

Hold On to Your Independence

At a certain age, getting a shower unsupervised can be a big concern. But with the right walk-in tub installed by the experts at Mobility123, the threat of a slip and fall are dramatically lowered. Allowing a loved one to be able to show and clean themselves on their own can help boost their spirits.

When it comes to getting around your home, Mobility123 is here to help. For over 15 years, we have helped homeowners regain the freedom to move throughout the home freely. Our stair chair lifts in New Jersey can help you get around your home much more easily. To get started, give us a call at 800-603-0830.

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