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3 Signs Your Stairlift Should be Inspected By the Professionals at Mobility123

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Anyone who depends on a stairlift to get around the home or has a family member who needs a stairlift for home mobility understands how important it is to maintain each lift in the house. Luckily, Mobility123, the top choice for stairlifts in the Philadelphia area, can address any repair issues that may arise with a lift in your home. It is for crucial for homeowners to get out in front of the small problems before more significant issues arise regarding their home mobility. Some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for include:


Many stairlifts designs are built with a beeping alert for when batteries aren’t being charged or need to be replaced soon. At any time, your stairlift may lose power, and the batteries can go uncharged for days. If you notice a constant beep, unplug your lift and plug it back in. If beeping continues, give us a call as soon as possible.

Sudden Stops When Going Up or Down

One of the easiest signs of an issue forming with your lift is when your lift stops or is very slow going up the stairs. Even with rechargeable batteries, it is important for an experienced technician to replace your unit’s battery. Our techs are able to inspect the rest of your unit while replacing the battery.

Sudden Hiccups

Similar to your lift running slow or stopping suddenly on the way up, if you notice any sudden hiccups or skips during your right up or down, you may have a small issue on your hands. A skip, jumping motion or any hesitation is a sure sign that something is beginning to malfunction in your lift.

When it comes to wheelchair ramps in NJ and other home mobility accessories, Mobility123 continues to stand out from the competition time and time again. Anyone interested in more information can give us a call anytime over the phone at 609-248-9272.

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