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3 Ways You Can Keep Your Stairlift in Working Condition

If you are relying on a stair lift to get around the house, it would be a disaster if it were to stop working. Just as with any machine, stairlifts go through regular wear and tear, and can lose some functionality if not used correctly. If you are seeking stairlifts in Philadelphia or South Jersey, you can find the most reliable brands at Mobility123. Just like with any lift, however, we still recommend routine maintenance to make sure your stair lift is always working when you need it.

Regularly clean the lift track.

Just as with any other track, the one on your stairlift collects dust and dirt that can either slow down the lift or get it stuck at a certain part of the track. We recommend taking a damp cloth or a duster and cleaning the lift track to keep the lift running smoothly. This is a good thing to try to work into your routine cleaning schedule, as doing this regularly ensures that dirt won’t sit there for too long. And don’t forget to turn the system off before you start cleaning!

Tighten loose parts as needed.

The arms, footrest, and especially the seat on the stairlift can come loose over time. If it gets too loose, then it could unexpectedly lead to slipping and injury from a product intended for your safety. With that said, it’s a good idea to make sure screws and bolts on the machine are tightened, so none of the parts move too much when in use.

Charge and replace batteries on a regular basis.

No battery lasts forever, and the batteries inside your stairlift are no different. It could be a terrifying moment if your lift’s battery dies while in use, leaving you stuck halfway up or down the stairs. When the machine is not in use, don’t forget to leave your batteries on charge to prevent this from happening. Even though they are chargeable, they also still need to be replaced every year or two to make sure they don’t die completely.

If you are in need of a stairlift in New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania to stay active around the house, then the selection at Mobility123 will give you exactly what you need. They are affordable and convenient to keep you safe and in control of your home, and with proper maintenance can last a long time. To make your home more accessible for you and your loved ones, contact Mobility123 today.

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