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Residential Stairlift for Your Home

4 Benefits of Installing a Stair Lift From Mobility123 in Your Home

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Do the stairs give you or a family member difficulty getting around the home? As we get older, moving around the house isn’t as easy as it once was. Luckily, we here at Mobility123, the top choice when it comes to independent living solutions in Philadelphia, can help improve home mobility for people in the Greater Philadelphia area through our state-of-the-art stairlift installation.

Anyone who is unsure if a stairlift is right for them should consider these benefits to help make a better decision:

Improved Health

While climbing the stairs up and down isn’t exactly detrimental to your health, suffering a slip and fall can lead to health problems. The easiest way to avoid having a family member taking a spill on the steps is by making it easier for them to go up and down the steps. Our stairlifts in the Philadelphia area have been able to make home mobility much easier for those who struggle to get around the house.


If you have a family member who struggles with mobility, they more than likely need constant care and attention on them. Not being around when a family member falls can only make the damage worse. One way to limit how much supervision is needed is by outfitting their home with the best mobility equipment in the industry.

Increased Property Value

Anyone who anticipates selling a loved one’s home in the near future may be even more intrigued to consider having a stairlift installed. To the right buyer, a home stair lift and other mobility upgrades may make a home more attractive to someone looking to buy a new home.

Pain Reliever

Even if your family members aren’t slipping or falling when they go up and down the steps, there is a decent chance that they are still in pain. Aching joints and arthritis can make tasks as simple as walking up and down the steps very painful.

Those interested in more information on our stairlifts and home mobility equipment can give us a call anytime at 609-248-9272. We’ve helped many families all across the Greater Philadelphia area for years, see how we can help you today!

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