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4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Stairlift

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Installing a stairlift in your home is a big decision, and like all big decisions, it comes with a lot of questions. Aside from the cost of the machine, you might wonder how you can maintain the different kinds of stair lifts found in Philadelphia homes.

Regular maintenance can keep your stairlift in working order for years and minimizes the disruption a failed machine can cause.

Here are some tips to ensure your stairlift remains in working order for as long as you need it:

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Familiarize Yourself with the User Manual

While it may be advice that is as old as time – and as frequently ignored – it’s essential to be familiar with your stairlift’s user manual. Most manuals will explain what things you’re able to fix yourself and what things need professional attention. User manuals also lay out guidelines for how to charge your machine correctly, and whether there are any special care instructions for your lift.

Dust and Oil

Your stairlift comes with a lot of moving parts, and each piece works together to help you get the convenience you need to get up and down the stairs.

Be sure to clean your rails and seat with a dry cloth – never a damp one – once or twice a week. Dusting will make sure dust and debris won’t have a chance to build up and mess with the mechanism.

If the machine’s track needs more than a rub down, then you’re able to use a small amount of WD-40. However, if this is necessary, then be sure to apply this small amount of lubricant to the top track only.

Tighten the Screws

Stairlifts, by nature, get a lot of use, creating plenty of opportunities for pieces to become loose. It’s important to examine the different parts of the machine to make sure that everything is in working order and will not fail while in use.

Keep an Eye Out for Trouble

While active maintenance is essential, it’s just as vital to keep track of issues or out-of-the-ordinary things that occur while using your stairlift. Some signs that your lift may need professional maintenance can include:

  • Odd noises during operation
  • A less-than-smooth ride
  • More noise than usual
  • A delay in starting the trip

If you want more tips about how to keep your stairlift in working order or want to find out what stairlifts are available in NJ and the surrounding region, give Mobility123 a call today!

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