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4 Quality Home Elevator Options

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You just finished getting your blood taken at the hospital and are tired. As you make your way to the elevator lobby, you notice that it is packed. One of the elevators is out of service, causing a backup. In your younger years, you would’ve just taken the stairs, but that is no longer an option.

Stairs now present an inconvenience at your home too. You are unable to just run up and down the steps and are forced to make the most of your trips. This inconvenience has altered your day-to-day routine, making your simple chores last longer.

Mobility123, the leading residential elevator company in the Philadelphia area, can help. Instead of exerting more energy, you can just take your own private elevator to your next floor. We will help design, install and service your elevator. We offer four different options for you to choose.

Savaria® Telecab

The Telecab is a fully-enclosed tower that is created to be both safe and modern to fit your style. This model makes two stops up to 20 feet of travel. There is minimal construction required, and it can be installed quickly. It travels through a simple floor cut-out for a vanishing elevator effect, saving you space.

Savaria® Eclipse

The Eclipse is a luxury model that uses less space than other elevators. It doesn’t require any machine room and has minimal overhead drive space. It is also installed quickly because of its modular rail system. It can provide you with six stops over 50 feet of travel. For the interior, you can choose from a selection of finished hardwood, unfinished veneer, white lacquered MDF and melamine.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

Pneumatic vacuum elevators are unique as they are powered by air, rather than cables or pistons. This environmentally-friendly option comes in three different models: the PVE30, PVE37 and PVE52.  This stylish elevator can be installed to fit anywhere from one to three passengers and 350 to 525 pounds.

Waupaca Elevator

Choosing Waupaca is a wise decision. Since 1957, they have provided safe, reliable and affordable residential elevators. They offer models to fit every budget. They can be created with a variety of stunning wood or metal finishes.

With many different options, we will gladly install and service any home elevator that you choose for your Philadelphia area residence. For more information about ho

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