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4 Ways To Prevent Falls At Home | 4 Ways to Improve Fall Safety

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On average, one out of three senior citizens will suffer from a fall at some point this year. Unfortunately, less than half of those who slip and fall will tell their doctor about it. As one of the most common causes of injuries, falling for a senior can be dangerous, even life-threatening, if not taken seriously. We here at Mobility123 have installed home elevators in PA and stair lifts in NJ to help keep seniors safe in their own homes.

Here are a few easy ways to help keep the loved ones close to you safe in their house, even when they are unsupervised:

Messy House = Potentially Dangerous House

The easiest thing to slip and fall on is simple clutter. It’s important to not let the clutter throughout the house build up. Don’t let old newspapers, coupons or magazines get out of hand. Staying on top of the clutter is one of the easiest ways to eliminate the chances of a fall from happening.

Proper Lighting

Obviously, it’s important for anyone to see, but even more so for those up there in age. You may want to opt out of traditional or energy-saving light bulbs because inadequate lighting can only increase your risk of falling. Also, make sure an emphasis on lighting is made near staircases and narrow or small walkways.

Dress Accordingly

Although everyone wants to feel as comfortable as possible in their own home, even some of the clothes your family member may be wearing can lead to them slipping or falling. It is important to avoid wearing baggy clothes (preferably pants) and to wear non-slip socks or shoes a majority of the time.

Shop With Mobility123

We here at Mobility123 have been helping keep seniors safe since 2003. We take great pride in outfitting a home with chair lifts, home elevators and other methods of getting around the house safely. Our stair lifts in NJ can help give you peace of mind when your older loved ones are home alone.

To learn more about finding ways to prevent falls in your home, contact us at 800-603-0830.

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