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5 Perks of Having an In-Home Elevator

Years ago, in-home elevators were a symbol of being rich and famous.  Nowadays, however, in-home elevators are practical additions to many peoples’ homes.  At Mobility123, we design and install a wide range of in-home elevators for residential customers who are looking for a functional investment in their homes.  Mobility123 is the leader when it comes to in-home elevators. In this blog, we’re going to touch upon five perks of having one in your home. Here they are:

  1. Increased home value

One of the first major perks of an in-home elevator is that it increases the value of your home.  If you’re thinking about ways to capitalize on a profitable investment, then an in-home elevator is a great option.  The truth is that many potential homeowners are now considering homes that will benefit them in the future, and an in-home elevator is part of that picture.

  1. Function

An in-home elevator can make life easier in many ways.  It can facilitate the process of moving bulky home items or of carrying groceries.  For those with limited mobility, an in-home elevator makes everyday activities easier and safer.  Improving mobility is a major factor for the majority of in-home elevator purchasers.  If you’re interested in looking at elevators for homes in Pennsylvania, then stop by Mobility123.  We’ve got a vast selection to choose from, and we’re always ready to answer your questions, too.

  1. Convenience

Let’s face it.  Sometimes, it’s just a hassle to carry groceries, luggage, or children up and down steps all day.  An in-home elevator from Mobility123 makes everyday chores much easier for everyone.  Of course for some people, navigating staircases can actually be dangerous.  At Mobility123, we make purchasing an in-home elevator simple and affordable for everyone, regardless of their situation.

  1. Safety

Another perk of having an in-home elevator is that it provides a tangible sense of safety and security for many homeowners.  For both elderly people and for children, staircases can be unsafe.  An in-home elevator can help reduce the risk of dangerous falls, which is a benefit for everyone living in the house.  If you’re interested in finding elevators for homes in New Jersey, then call Mobility123.  We’re sure to have an elevator that will suit your needs.

  1. Style

Yet another perk of having an in-home elevator is the style factor.  Having an in-home elevator installed in your home will definitely make a statement.  There are many designs to choose from, so you can truly customize your in-home elevator to reflect your own unique personality.  At Mobility123, we’ve got several different styles and models to choose from.  Add a little luxury to your space and call Mobility123 to find out more about an in-home elevator installation.

To learn more about our in-home elevators, give us a call at 800-603-0830.

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