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5 Things that Determine the Longevity of Home Stairlifts

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One of the first questions asked when discussing home stairlifts is how long they will last, or how long will a home stairlift last before a replacement is needed. On average, at-home stairlifts last around ten years before requiring a replacement. However, multiple factors go into determining the longevity of your stairlift that goes beyond normal wear and tear.

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Daily Workload

Every home is different. The number of essential rooms that users need to access on the upper floors varies from home to home. The layout of the house and how often the user needs access to the upper floors, determines the stairlifts’ usage. The more use the stairlift endures, the more daily maintenance is required to keep the stairlift in good working condition. Higher usage can lead to quicker degradation of the parts and necessitate a replacement.

User’s Weight

Traditional stairlifts are designed to have a load capacity of 300 pounds. Options are available for stairlifts with higher load capacities with more durable components. However, with the stairlifts transporting higher loads throughout the day, the more strain the stairlift experiences.

Stair Incline

The steepness of the stair’s incline has a direct impact on the longevity of a stairlift. The severity of the incline determines the amount of track laid, the motor’s strength, and how much effort the parts need to endure on each trip. The style of the home factors into the incline of the staircase and has a direct influence on the installation of the stairlift. Some homes with a curved staircase require unique tracks and modifications, which can put additional strain on the stairlift as time moves on.

Quality of the Stairlift

The higher the quality of the parts used in the stairlift, the longer the stairlift will last. Higher quality parts mean enhanced durability, better craftsmanship, and better overall performance. Researching different stairlift brands in the Philadelphia area will help determine which brand is right for your situation.

Preventative Maintenance

Following the recommendations in the owner’s manual in regards to preventative maintenance that can be done on your own without having to call in a service technician will help in persevering the longevity of your stairlift. Simple tasks such as tightening parts that may have shaken loose from daily use, regularly cleaning the lift track, and charging and replacing batteries as needed can help extend the lifespan of your stairlift. For more intricate tasks, the recommendation is that you reach out for professional maintenance services.

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