Accessibility & Travel Accommodations
Accessibility & Travel Accommodations

Accessibility & Travel Accommodations

Travel can be extremely stressful for seniors or those with a disability. Constantly worrying if your hotel is easily accessible, or if your airline with take care of your scooter or wheelchair for you. Luckly there is a company that can handle all of your accessibility accommodations for you. Their name is ABLE To Travel and they are doing some pretty great things.

ABLE to Travel provides knowledgeable travel agents that have dealt with all types of issues that a traveler using a wheelchair or who has limited mobility may encounter during a trip.


  • Accessible ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Stowage of wheelchairs and other mobility equipment on board an aircraft
  • Accessible hotel accommodations, including rooms with roll in showers
  • Accessible cruise bookings
  • Medical equipment at your destination
  • Accessible train reservations
  • Travel insurance
  • Tour groups and package deals
  • Arranging of lift equipped vans
  • Car rentals, with and without hand controls

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