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Avoiding Slip-And-Falls: Steps you can take to Increase Your Home’s Safety | Tips To Prevent Slips and Falls in Your Home

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While Mobility123 specializes in equipping homes with a variety of independent living solutions, such as elevators, stairlifts, and wheelchair lifts, we also readily recognize that there are many low-tech, easily-accessible remedies to potentially dangerous home conditions that can cause injuries resulting from slips and falls in icy or otherwise unsafe areas. We urge homeowners of all ages and abilities to take these simple steps to slip-proof and accident-proof their homes during the coming winter season, as an additional safeguard taken alongside our mobility solutions.

Remove tripping hazards. This solution is all-weather, as well as all-important. Features that commonly cause individuals to trip include raised doorway thresholds, throw rugs, clutter, loose carpet, uneven floorboards or tiles, electrical cords, and effectively anything small and unstable that an individual may not see immediately, and thus be less likely to avoid.

Install excellent lighting, both indoors and out. Dimly-lit rooms and outdoor areas – including porches, walkways, and garages, amongst others – can cause accidents when individuals cannot clearly make out their surroundings, or become confused as to what they are viewing. In winter, black ice is already a danger due to its low visibility; low lighting can make any ice nearly impossible to see before it’s too late.

Buy salt or sand, and keep it easily accessible. Salt and/or sand is a great tool to have at hand when icy steps and sidewalks pose a winter risk, but keeping it in deep corners of a garage or only in large bags can render it inaccessible, or cause injury while attempting to reach it, for those with limited mobility. Purchase in bulk when possible, or if assistance is available to transport it to an individual’s home, and transfer smaller amounts to buckets or bags that can be placed right by the door, or near troublesome, icy areas, for easy distribution.

Invest in home accessibility solutions designed for inclimate weather. At Mobility123, we offer many products that are specifically designed to be safe and provide assistance during every type of weather and in every climate. Our custom ramps can be made with open mesh aluminum, allowing for precipitation to fall through and lessen the opportunity for icy slips.

Do you have questions about low or high-tech mobility solutions for your home or that of a loved one? If so, call us at 800-603-0830; our friendly representatives are happy to answer any questions about our products, or how independent living projects can help increase your comfort, safety, and security.

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