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Beach Butler Cargo lift troubleshooting

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The cargo lift has revolutionized how people move things up and down the stairs. With the Beach Butler cargo lift, going up and down the stairs has never been this easy and convenient. Lifting up to 1000 lbs at a time, this cargo lift is worth consideration for two and three-story buildings. But just like any other lift, the Beach Butler may run into an issue at some point, and it’s essential to check for issues from time to time to ensure the mechanics of the lift are working as per the manufacturer’s intent. However, if you run into a problem operating the lift, you may have a chance to get it running well again if the issue is not major. That’s why we have prepared these basic troubleshooting tips for your Beach Butler Cargo lift.

But first, let’s look at some common issues that cargo lift users may face:

  • Power failure: Lifts use power from the utility system, and when it’s not supplied, no operation will go on.
  • Improper lubrication: This causes frictions which further contributes to the tear and wear of the movable parts of the lift. Long-term tear and wear can cause mechanical issues.
  • Faulty bearing: A lift that makes unusual noises during operation does not provide room for comfort. It can be a simple issue such as a loose part, but if left unattended, it may affect the normal operation of the lift.

Basic troubleshooting tips

Try these basic troubleshooting ideas if your beach butler cargo lift stops functioning:

Check the power source

Before operating the lift, check the power source to ensure that the lift is powered and ready. This will also help you know if someone powered it off for safety reasons if there’s a problem with the motor. Of course, if you realize a problem with the lift, the power source is the first place to run to cut off the power supply. Lifts with a long history of motor failures require a power quality survey.

Confirm the remote control is working

You don’t want to load your heavy groceries on the lift only to find out it’s not working. Press the Up and Down buttons to ensure the lift is powered. This will also inform you whether the remote control batteries are in good condition or need a replacement.

Check the cables

Examine the cable for signs of fraying, misalignment, or improper winding. If a cable appears frayed or misaligned, the device can fail to lift or wear out prematurely. UniFab™, the Beach Butler cargo lift manufacturer, uses only high-quality stainless steel aircraft cable made designed to meet Federal strength requirements. If you see any anomalies, don’t use the lift. But also don’t try to fix it yourself as you may end up injuring yourself. 

Confirm the weight

As mentioned above, the Beach Butler Cargo lift carries up to 1000 lbs, and you need to adhere to this capacity guideline. If you exceed, the lift might develop issues. If your lift is not working, and you notice that your load has exceeded the weight, it could be the cause of the issue you’re experiencing. Try to offload some things and try again to lift.

If you check all these things and the lift is still faulty, it could be something more technical for you to handle. Do not try to fix any electrical or mechanical issues on the lift. Instead, reach out to an expert. As you seek technical assistance, do not allow anyone to operate the lift. Cut off the power supply and notify other users if possible to prevent accidents.

Importance of regular maintenance

As you can tell, cargo lift issues can become worse if left unchecked, putting users and their items at risk of injury and damage, respectively. The simplest approach to deal with these problems is to catch them early on before they worsen. Seeking a lift company to service the cargo lift on a regular basis would guarantee its safety, allowing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Of course, you can’t just trust anyone with your safety and convenience. That’s what you’ll be doing if you hire an off-the-street mechanic to repair the Beach Butler Cargo lift. Remember, this lift is designed to the manufacturer’s specifications, and only authorized agents of Beach Butler® Cargo can give you a lasting solution. 

Our agents at Mobility123 are authorized and experienced to perform maintenance and repair to the Beach Butler Cargo lift. If you find yourself dealing with a faulty Beach butler cargo lift, all you need to do is to call us at (609) 739-9730 or email, and our agent will be ready to handle your issue.

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