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Best Stairlifts repair services

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Stairlifts are a necessity in environments with an elderly or sickly individual whose walking abilities are limited. Integrating one into your staircase will improve their mobility and access to rooms on the upper floors the same way a walking cane or wheelchair does. Chair lifts allow the users to climb up flights of stairs, sit comfortably and without moving a muscle. This article features everything you might need to know about stairlifts and their impact on an ideal home setup.

What Are Stairlifts?

Stairlifts are equipment used by individuals finding it challenging to climb upstairs primarily because of old age or sickness. The unit attaches itself to the stairway wall, and its motor function allows it to climb up and down the frame, fitting securely. It is power operated and features a motorized gear that effectively manipulates its direction and speed, all controlled by the passenger seating on the comfortable seat. A ‘call and send’ button is available at both ends of the stairway to help you call for the chair lift any time you require it.

Types of Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are units explicit to stairways going straight, either upwards to higher stories or down to lower levels. Their installation time is the least as they fit into standardized rails without specialized tools or professional installation and are the most common prospects.

Curved Stairlifts

Any stairway featuring a curve or bend in its frame will only fit and function with curved stairlifts. The installation process is more time-consuming and complex since you need to create a custom rail that can accommodate the unit’s movement from the top of the stairway to the bottom. They are more expensive than other options, and it would help if you seek professional input for the ideal results.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are most common in porches, decks, and patios, and their primary role is helping individuals with mobility complications navigate the outdoors effectively. The installation of these variants significantly depends on the design of your exterior stairway; straight or curved. Unlike indoor units, outdoor stairlifts’ build and design are sturdy enough to withstand the harsh elements outside, and upgrades like weatherproof covers help improve durability.

Best Stairlift Repair Services


Mobility123 is the first stairlift repair company to feature on our list, with over 10000 customers served. If you are looking for a professional team offering the best acorn stairlift repair service in New Jersey and Philadelphia, you should consider visiting this firm. The accessibility products available are straight and curved stairlifts, residential elevators, modular ramps, elevator and lift consulting, and other repair services.


Bruno stairlifts are another typical accessibility prospect favored by many, and they have a team explicit to handling repair concerns for their units. They come in different models designed for different types of stairways and serve unique applications. If your Bruno unit fails to move, slows down, or some parts get broken, contact them for professional repair services.

Stairlift Repair

Another firm offering quality acorn stairlift repair service is the stairlift repair firm. It features operating workshops distributed across the United States, guaranteeing you premium service and repairing your faulty staircase equipment. Their procedure involves testing, diagnosing for any errors or breaking, and taking the necessary corrective measures for the proper functioning of the movement supplement at fair pricing.

Aspects to Consider Before Deciding on a Stairlift Company

  • The first aspect to consider is ensuring your budget falls in accord with the price offered by the stairlift repair firms.
  • Check the payment plans offered by the company
  • Research on the types of stairlifts covered by the servicing firm
  • How long is the warranty they offer on their products?
  • The safety features integrated into the unit and their effectiveness

How Do I Reset my Acorn Stairlift?

Resetting your acorn stairlift unit is easy. You will first need to turn off the unit for not less than thirty seconds before powering it on again. Check the percentage of the batteries, and if less than 17 volts, recharge it before attempting a reset. After the reset, check the display for any errors if the unit fails to operate accordingly. It would help contact a professional acorn stairlift repair service company for informed input into the issue.

Knowing the best companies offering stairlifts repair and maintenance services is crucial to every homeowner with a chairlift unit in their homes. Acorn stairlifts are most common for their premium functioning and durability features. However, there are still other worthy options in the market. Use the firms mentioned in this article as a guide to finding the best team to handle your concerns.

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