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Frequently Asked Questions About Wheelchair Lifts

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Making the life of a disabled person easier starts with considering the portions of the home that person uses everyday and making them more convenient to use without help from another person. Simple things like entering and exiting the average home can be difficult for a wheelchair user to do independently, and making this simple task easier can help the person feel independent and confident. Fortunately, there are many technological advancements and new products that help mobility challenged people to make daily life simpler. Residential wheelchair lifts are one such product.

If you’re wondering how wheelchair lifts work and whether you should get one installed at your home, here are some things to consider as you make this decision.

How Does a Wheelchair Lift Work?

A vertical platform lift allows a wheelchair and its user to be transported safely up to the entrance point of a home, removing the need to have someone assist them to get up stairs or use a cane and risk falling and sustaining an injury. The platform allows a wheelchair to be rolled directly on and then raises the chair and any passengers up towards the landing area in front of the home’s door. This process happens slowly to minimize the risk of injury, and once the platform is level with the home’s landing area outside the door, the user can roll themselves off the platform and let themselves in the home.

Who Can Benefit From Installing a Wheelchair Lift?

These lifts are ideal for individuals with limited mobility who want to remain as independent as possible. This might include wheelchair users who have their own full lives and do not want to have to wait for assistance to get going each day. It can also be useful for those with no live-in caregiver or limited assistance at home to be mobile before a helper arrives.

If you are helping to care for a parent or family member, Having a lift in place allows a wheelchair user to get and leave the home without needing assistance from a caretaker or family member. This removes any physical strain on the caregiver and allows the wheelchair user to move themselves quickly.

How Do You Choose a Wheelchair Lift?

A few factors to consider when selecting a lift for your home might include:

  • Is the lift built to tolerate all kinds of weather, including cold and snowfall? Exposure to cold weather can cause rust and issues with the operating unit unless key components of the lift are treated to tolerate these factors.
  • How easy is the lift to operate? Look for a unit that has easy to reach controls that the wheelchair user can control independently, or the usefulness of the lift is limited. Some modern porch lifts even have a remote you can keep with you and use to control the lift without having to try and move to reach a button.
  • Does the lift have a secondary option for extreme situations where the power is off? Lifts may offer a crank or another manual option to power them when electricity is cut off for any reason.
  • What safety features does the lift include? Inclusion of a safety ramp or emergency stop button helps to prevent accidents and keep the user safe.
  • What Wheelchair lift repair services near me can I use if something goes wrong? If you do need help fixing any issues that occur, having a qualified professional service nearby will help ensure those problems are solved easily and quickly.

What if The Wheelchair Lift Stops Working?

There may come a time when you need wheelchair lift repair service near New Jersey. Instead of simply looking online for wheelchair lift repair services near me, you can use the services of mobility123. With proper maintenance and regular service from a qualified professional, there is little chance you’ll be looking for wheelchair lift repair services near me anytime soon.

If you need help or advice selecting a wheelchair lift to fit your needs, mobility123 can help. With almost twenty years serving patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we are well informed and can answer any questions you might have about choosing the right wheelchair lift for your needs.

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