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General Maintenance Tips for Mobility Scooters

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Because of the important functions of mobility scooters to those who may have difficulties or are not able to move at all, it also becomes important that they are kept properly maintained. As a mechanical device, there are certain parts that need to be handled with much care so as to not damage it.

 Another reason why adhering to proper mobility scooter maintenance tips is to save money. See, these scooters do not necessarily come cheap. Staying on top of its care before it needs any repairs will save you a ton of money in the long run and, not to mention, let the user make the most out of the convenience it provides. Unlike other vehicles like cars or motorcycles, however, mobility scooters do not have any indicator features that will clue you in when it’s time for upkeep. 

Now you can avoid the guess work; here is a simple mobility scooter maintenance guide that you can follow to keep your unit working well for longer. 

Read the Manual 

Most people would only look at the manual the first time they get the mobility scooter. Once it’s all set up and ready to use, however, they don’t give it a second look, or worse, simply throw it away. The manual, however, has so much more important information than how to run the scooter. 

As mobility scooters have different styles and features, it’s important to be familiar with the setup of your own unit. The manual gives you all the information you need about how to clean the unit, which parts you should remove, if at all, and what cleaning materials you can use to preserve the parts and protect against wear and tear. 

Regularly Clean the Unit

Because of the crucial function of the mobility scooter to its user, it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be used frequently, at the very least. Thus, it becomes all the more important to keep it clean and well-maintained.

The wheels are probably the biggest part that you should pay attention to because it is the most exposed to the elements. Dirt, grass, rocks, and mud are but some of the kinds of debris that usually get stuck in it. If the wheels aren’t cleaned out, these items can end up preventing the wheels from turning as fast and as well as they should. Not only that, but they could also eventually end up in the other parts of the engine, causing further damage inside. If these debris obstruct the engine from functioning smoothly, it would put the motor under stress over time. Washing down the wheels regularly should dislodge these debris, and help prevent them from causing long-term damage to the unit. Ofcourse, you have to do this carefully as you wouldn’t want to get other mechanical parts wet. 

For the rest of the unit’s body, it is recommended to use an alcohol-water solution to remove dirt and grime from the surface. Wipe down the mobility scooter thoroughly. Make sure to get into those little nooks and crannies where water might also get into, to prevent corrosion. 

Mind the Battery

Ideally,the mobility scooter should be charged after every use to ensure full functionality the next time it needs to be used. Like the other parts of the scooter, the battery should also be wiped clean and dry to avoid damage. In the event that the batteries do get wet, it’s advised to let it dry completely first before using the vehicle again.

Batteries will eventually decrease their power, though, so you must also pay attention to the charge indicator. Is it charging as well and as fast as it should? Are the batteries draining faster than usual? Are you able to travel the same distance without much problems? Are the lights working well enough, and not dimmed because of the battery?

Incase your unit’s batteries need to be replaced after a certain amount of time,make sure to keep in mind its replacement schedule. Also, batteries need to recharge for as much as eight to ten hours regularly. Especially during cold weather, the batteries tend to drain faster, and might even decay if left unused or discharged for a long time. 

Last but not least, bring them in for check-up and repairs as needed. The sooner you get certain issues addressed, the better the chances are of being able to resolve them for longer use of the mobility scooter.

Hopefully, these simple portable mobility scooters maintenance tips can help you better take care of the unit so that it can be used well by those who need it most.

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