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How often should you service a stairlift?

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The thought of taking your automobile to a mechanic every few years is ridiculous. Even if the law didn’t require vehicle inspection every year, it would be necessary for a professional to look to ensure all components are in good working order. This same thought process must apply to your stairlift to ensure uninterrupted use. Stairlifts are invaluable machines that many depend on to move around their home. They are exceptional mobility aids that can give users independence again. However, when stairlifts begin to lose functionality, they can be disruptive to your lifestyle and schedule.

If you’re wondering about the importance of stairlift servicing and how it can impact your daily life, keep reading to learn more!

Do stairlifts need servicing?

Like any mechanical item, stairlifts require servicing and maintenance to ensure they remain in good working order. Most manufacturers recommend stairlifts to be serviced once per year. The standard timeframe ensures the device is working correctly and can catch any potential issues before they become costly significant problems. Always check with the stairlift manufacturer to understand if you need to service the device more or less frequently than once per year. The servicing process usually involves a technician visiting your home to analyze the various stairlift components, make repairs or adjustments, and test them to ensure correct functionality.

For older stairlifts, experts recommend servicing approximately every six months. Years of continuous service take a toll on mechanical equipment, so more frequent servicing is always a proactive idea. Also, older models utilize outdated components and are more prone to degradation and rust. However, most technicians can still repair older units by replacing obsolete equipment with newer, compatible parts.

What is involved in stairlift servicing?

Stairlift servicing is a more complicated process than many think, but is quick since professionals know the process and equipment. One of the most basic servicing methods performed by technicians is simply listening for strange noises while the stairlift is in operation. Also, technicians will check for loose components and replace them if required. Other duties include inspecting, lubricating, and cleaning the tracks to guarantee smooth operation. Additionally, technicians may adjust the footrest to improve comfort during use. Since stairlifts are battery operated, annual inspections also include cleaning charging contacts to ensure the battery remains in ideal condition.

The importance of stairlift servicing

To ensure continuous use and keep you safe, stairlift servicing is a critical aspect of ownership. Many elements of a stairlift can malfunction, meaning the importance of stairlift servicing is vital. Common issues caught through regular servicing include:

Beeping and other strange sounds

As mentioned, a technician’s first step in assessing your stairlift is listening for strange sounds during the operation. Stairlifts that make beeping or other sounds indicate that part failure is imminent. However, beeps can also mean a safety issue, a drop in power, or another problem.

Key switch problems

When the stairlift isn’t moving, the technician will check if the key is in the correct position. Depending on the model, the key switch is in the armrest’s top landing chassis or lower front cover. The key must be plugged in and in the correct position to operate.

Lack of power

Lack of power is another issue that a technician can assist with and is usually due to a faulty outlet, tripped circuit breaker, or resetting of the ground-fault circuit interrupter. If none are the root cause, the stairlift battery is defective, and replacement is required. 

The remote control is unfunctioning 

Most stairlifts come with remote control, which sends the chair up and down the stairs without a seated individual. If the remote control isn’t working, it probably needs new batteries, but the component may need replacement if the problem continues.

Track obstructions

Track obstructions along the rack hinge rail can interfere with the smooth operation or cause your stairlift to stop completely. Regularly checking the track for obstructions will eliminate stopping and bumpy rides, which could be dangerous. A technician can detect even the most minor impediments and lubricate the way for optimal efficiency.

Since there are many moving and mechanical parts to a stairlift, 12 months (6 months for older units) is the golden servicing standard. Regular checkups and proper maintenance are critical to ensure the longevity of your mobility device while keeping you safe during usage.

To learn more about stairlift servicing or to make an appointment, contact Mobility 123 today! Their representatives can help answer all your questions and get the best technician to your home to maintain your stairlift.

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