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How Portable Ramps Make Life Easier

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Portable ramps are designed to help older adults or persons with disabilities to move with ease. They are helpful to caregivers, family, friends, and attendants of people with mobility issues. The ramps are easy to use and can even be used in vans and moving across buildings which are not accessible with the help of a wheelchair.

If you live in a building with stairs and other areas that are not easily accessible, the ramp ensures that you can move safely. Installation of ramps at the entrance to your home ensures safety even if you are not disabled, since stairs are a huge risk factor for movement.

How Portable Ramps are Helpful

Portable ramps are important in various situations. Here are some of the ways of showing how portable ramps are helpful.

  • Increased accessibility

People with special needs and seniors find it difficult to access the entrance to some buildings. Even though a wheelchair can provide a solution, other premises need ramps to enhance accessibility. Portable ramps offer the best solution to accessibility problems and make it easier for users to move around.

  • Weight support

Portable ramps are designed in a way that enables them to support a lot of weight. A wheelchair should be able to withstand the weight of the user and the person pushing it. Weight capacity is an important factor to look into when buying a ramp. It is vital to inquire about the capacity before making a purchase.

  • Ease of installation

Portable ramps are not permanently fixed on a surface. The process of setting up a ramp for use is easy and does not require any expertise. If you need more stability, various temporary ramps are movable. The movable type is bulkier and needs fastening to enhance safety for the user.

  • Additional features

Apart from enhancing accessibility, ramps have additional safety features such as level transition plates, nonskid equipment, water drainage holes, and safety edges on both sides.

Benefits of Portable Ramps. 

The benefits of ramps provide answers to the question of how potable ramps make life easier. They are the best solution to invest in both for persons with special mobility needs and well-bodied individuals. The merits are:

Movement of heavy objects

Recreational ramps are used for loading and transporting heavy items around the house. You can easily load and move items such as bulky furniture, motorcycles, mowers, and wheelers on these ramps without the need to lift them. It helps in the prevention of back injuries and other accidents that are involved in lifting heavy objects.

Access to cars

The use of a wheelchair makes it difficult to get into some places, such as cars. Portable ramps allow easy access to your vehicle without getting out of the chair. They provide a more affordable option than built-in lifting ramps. It ensures that you can access your vehicle without help and even load it at the back of your car for later use.

Creates independence

The use of portable ramps creates a sense of independence among the users. Ramps provide temporary access and enable users to visit places that would have been impossible to access. You can also use it to access businesses and premises that do not have a built-in ramp. These easy-access tools make seniors and people with mobility challenges minimize relying on caregivers to move around when using wheelchairs.

Outdoor access

Wheelchair users have difficulty getting into and leaving houses with stairs. Ramps make it simple and safe to go back and forth both inside and outdoors. The slope also allows wheelchair customers to participate in open-air exercises such as enjoying the sunlight and the fresh, natural air. It helps them feel more fulfilled and happy doing things on their own.

Types of Ramps

There are different categories of ramps that depend on individual needs. The costs of these slopes differ depending on the type and brand. They include:

Permanent ramps: These are slopes constructed to remain in the same place and are found in facilities such as hospitals. They may be made of steel, concrete, or wood, and the cost depends on the material used, length, and steepness.

Semi-permanent ramps: These are slopes meant for temporary use and are required for a short time, such as on an exhibition. They can also be set up in places where wheelchair clients are expected to be present, such as workshops for persons with disabilities.

Portable ramps: They offer the greatest independence for wheelchair users and can be moved from one place to another. These slopes can be folded into portable sizes and are made of aluminum. It is vital to consider the height involved before purchasing a portable ramp. Clients may also request a customized ramp depending on individual needs.

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