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How Savaria V-1504 Lift is Helpful for Disabled

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The Samaria 1504 VPL is designed to help the disabled get from one point in a structure to another. These lifts are especially great for use in homes where someone with mobility issues must get from one level to another regularly. They are ideal for transporting wheelchairs and other mobility aids from the ground floor to a higher floor and back down again. Anyone living or staying long-term in a home or rental and who needs mobility assistance needs to find out more about this incredible product that is safe and well-made. 

What is the Savaria v-1504 Vertical Platform Lift? 

The Samaria 1504 VPL is a lift installed in a home or office that gently and steadily lifts passengers and their mobility equipment up and down floors. 

This model is ideal for carrying passengers and equipment up to more than one level and works well for many situations. It would be suitable for a bed and breakfast, an Air B n’ B, a commercial building, or a private residence. This equipment is not only safe and made from the best materials, but you can also choose the finished equipment to match the current design scheme. 

Method of Action and Features

The way the Savaria V-1504 works is by a driven hydraulic system that is highly reliable. 

The need for a machine room is not a factor because the device works with an enclosed rail system wholly enclosed in the lift tower. The system is also very quiet and saves space. It also provides users with a smooth ride and doesn’t jolt when it begins to lift. 

Other features worth noting are the ADA-compliant platform with plenty of room. The platform is a button-operated device that’s accessible directly from the platform. There’s also a handrail and a backup battery that automatically charges and stays ready to use in case of power failures. 

Benefits of Savaria v-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

Savaria V-1504 vertical platform lift has many benefits, making it an ideal choice for any individual who needs to travel from one level of a structure to another. It’s also a great addition to any property with visitors or public traffic needing easy access because of mobility problems. This solution provides a more appealing scenario for those who want to travel back and forth unassisted or who want the option to have visitors who can quickly get from one location or level to the next without worrying about safety or stability. 

Another of the benefits of Savaria V-1504 vertical platform lift is that it can also increase the value of a property. In many cases, people with mobility issues may have trouble finding a place of business or residence that can adequately accommodate their needs. When property owners install these lifts, they get a great solution and can enjoy a boost in property value which helps provide a great return on their investment if the property is sold. 


People living in areas with severe weather or frequent power outages will love this lift because it’s always ready to use whether there is electricity running on the system. The external battery is prepared for use and keeps a charge for many hours of use. 

People who want to keep their independence and install this lift in their homes will no longer need to rely on other assistance to get from one level to the next. They can enter the platform and operate the system right from the lift. It provides them with more freedom and peace of mind. People with elderly or disabled family members in the home will also feel more confident knowing that they have a way to get around without requiring help. 

Business owners and developers will see a unique opportunity to cater to those who have mobility needs where others do not. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and helps provide a better way to get around safely and smoothly. 

Reach Out For Details

To find out more about the benefits of Savaria V-1504 vertical platform lift, reach out to Mobility123, and one of the helpful team members will be happy to assist. Get a solution that works and offers dependable freedom for anyone needing a lift solution. 

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