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How Stairlifts are Beneficial for a Person with Spine Injuries

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Spinal injuries can severely impact mobility. This may be most prevalent when attempting to properly use the stairs. Navigating throughout your home becomes way more challenging with a spine injury. Because of this, a stairlift may be vital to regaining the ability to navigate your home. There are many benefits of a stairlift for a person with spine injuries.

Advantages of Stairlift for Spine Patients

If the spinal injury fully impacts your ability to use the stairs, then a stairlift is a vital addition to your home. If you are still able to navigate the stairs with difficulty, it is still a good idea to invest in a stairlift. Walking up and down the stairs puts a lot of strain on your entire body, most especially your spine. If you repeatedly use the stairs with a spinal injury, you are increasing your chances of worsening your condition.

 With a stairlift, you can regain your independence in your home. The benefits of a stairlift for a person with spine injuries are immense. To keep your body safe and your lifestyle relatively unchanged, consider getting a stairlift installed.

Types of Stairlifts Available

There are many types of stairlifts on the market, all serving the same purpose. There are three brands of stairlifts available at Mobility 123, with varying models for each brand. Bruno is the best-selling brand of stairlifts, and Mobility 123 sells more of them than any other mobility service in New Jersey. There are 2 models of stairlift made by Bruno available, the Elan and the Elite. There are also 2 models made by Savaria available, K2 and Stairfriend. Handicare also has one model, the Freecurve.


Bruno has two high-quality models of stairlifts. The Bruno Elan is designed for straight staircases, while the Elite can fit curved and straight designs. They have the slimmest rail designs on the market, making them an easy fit into your home. The Elan has a 300-pound weight capacity, while the Elite has a 400-pound capacity.


The K2 model by Savaria is designed for straight staircases, and their Stairfriend model is suited for curves. Both of these stairlifts have a 350-pound weight capacity. The K2 has the slimmest profile when folded, and the Stairfriend has a unique 2 rail design. So, there are some interesting nuances to consider if you are looking at Savaria models.


The Handicare Freecurve suits curved staircase designs. They have a tubular rail design as well as folding rail options. This is the best option for more narrow staircases, as it can fit in places that other stairlifts cannot.

Stairlift Installation

A professional installation is required for a stairlift to be added to your home. You will determine with the professionals which side of the staircase is the best fit for the stairlift. Ideally, it is the side with more space and against the wall. Stairlifts are attached to the stair tread as opposed to being attached to the wall, but being against the wall makes the stairlift more seamless and fits your home better. The rail the chair rides on will need to be cut to perfectly fit your staircase, so this length will be measured and accounted for. They will also want to measure the areas where you will enter and exit the chair, ensuring you will have plenty of space to do so. 

Clamps are used to attach the rails securely. These clamps are placed underneath the rails and attached to the top of the step itself. The trained installers will attempt to use as few clamps as possible to make the installation easier and less invasive, but they will also ensure that your stairlift is sturdy.

A straight staircase rail has a short installation time, with the process taking generally from 2-3 hours, not including time to measure and cut the rail. A curved rail will take more time, since precision and more personalization is required. These generally take around 4-5 hours. After the stairlift is installed, you will be given a tutorial on its usage by the technician to ensure you are ready to operate it.

Contact the Professionals at Mobility 123

To learn more about the benefits of a stairlift for a person with spine injuries, contact the experts at Mobility 123 for New Jersey and Philadelphia residents.

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