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How to Build an Accessible Lifestyle After Retirement

Aging is something that many people fear, even though everyone aspires to have a long and healthy life. One of the reasons for these two competing sentiments is the understanding that, as you age, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain in your own home. However, as trusted stairlift installers servicing Philadelphia, our team has experience helping residents remodel their homes so they can remain accessible.

When remodeling a space for aging-in-place, it’s essential to:

Widen Doors and Hallways

Aging harms mobility, which can affect your ability to maneuver through halls and doorways. By increasing the amount of space in a hallway or doorway, you make the area accessible to walkers and wheelchairs if the need arises. Quite apart from allowing room for medical devices to stay mobile, wider doors and hallways also allow for more maneuverability. This additional maneuverability can come in handy if you need a home health aide, or are recovering from an injury and aren’t as agile as you might otherwise be.

Change the Doorknobs

Doorknobs, cabinet handles, and even light switches can create issues for you as you age. Older individuals have trouble grabbing small knobs or turning them in the way they need to work.

By changing traditional handles and knobs out for more accessibility-friendly alternatives, you make aging-in-place far safer to do. Installing automatic door openers, for example, reduces the risk of not being able to access a room of your home on your own.

Reduce Stair Dependence

Stairs are a common feature of most homes, but they also present a hazard that should be managed if you want to successfully age in place. Even if you aren’t dependent on a wheelchair or walker, it’s a valuable investment for the sake of your independence to create alternative modes of getting up and down the stairs.

Stairlifts provide an easy means of doing this, but other ways to navigate stairs effectively are to install:

  • Ramps
  • Elevators
  • Stairless entrances
  • Walk-in showers

While ramps, elevators, and walk-in showers are pretty straightforward, having at least one stairless entrance can be effective at maintaining your independence because it can be specially designed to allow natural movement between your home’s interior and exterior.

Aging-in-place can be done effectively with the right modifications to your home. Call the Mobility123 team today to get a quote for installing stair lift chairs in the New Jersey area and other tips on how to prepare your home for your golden years.

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We provide mobility & access solutions for seniors, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.


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