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How to Handle Stairlift Operation During Power Outages

How to Handle Stairlift Operation During Power Outages: Mobility123 Expert Advice

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During power outages, stairlifts may stop working if they’re not equipped with a battery backup. At Mobility123, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and mobility in your home. That’s why we recommend our customers choose a stairlift model that includes a built-in battery backup. This feature allows for continued operation of your stairlift even during a power outage, ensuring your mobility isn’t compromised.

Battery Backup for Your Stairlift

The batteries in your stairlift are designed to charge when the stairlift isn’t being used. This smart design feature allows your stairlift to provide multiple trips even in the event of a power failure. The number of trips depends on the specific stairlift model you’ve chosen.

For example, our battery-operated models like the Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift automatically charge the batteries when parked anywhere on the staircase and not in use. This ensures that in case of a power outage, your stairlift is fully charged for maximum usage.

Using Stairlifts During a Power Outage

If there’s a power failure in your home, your stairlift will alert you by beeping to signal a lack of power supply. To conserve battery life, we recommend turning off your stairlift when not in use during power outages. By doing so, you can extend the battery life and reduce potential noise disturbances from the stairlift’s alert system. Please remember to use your stairlift only when necessary during these situations to maximize battery life.

Restoring Stairlifts After Power Returns

Once power is restored, you can simply turn on your stairlift. The alert signal will cease, and normal stairlift operation should resume without needing any technical assistance or support. Your stairlift is designed to function as efficiently after the power outage as it did before.

If you encounter any problems after a power outage or need advice on choosing the best stairlift for your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Mobility123. You can reach us at 609-385-9575.

Remember, at Mobility123, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have uninterrupted access to every floor of your home, regardless of any power disruptions. Our stairlifts with battery backup systems ensure you can always maintain mobility and independence within your home.

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