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Maintenance Tips for Stairlifts

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Stairlifts are incredibly beneficial for seniors and anyone who faces challenges with mobility. The lift enables them to effortlessly move to multiple levels of their home without the danger of injuring them selves. This accessibility equipment comprises a motorized chair that glides up and down the staircase with the use of a track or a rail. The user can utilize the stairlift in multiple ways, including sitting, standing, or in as traddled position. It is an amazing alternative for residences that have space restrictions and are unable to adjust to an elevator. A stairlift is a beneficial purchase for your household, and if correctly maintained, it can last a lifetime. Before using the lift, read through the instruction manual carefully to get familiar with the basic rules and guidelines, and learn how to take care of your stairlift. Here are some maintenance tips for stairlifts and the benefits.

Benefits of a Home Stairlift

Ease of access to different floors of a house may be the number one benefit of having a stairlift. However, peace of mind might be right up there with accessibility. Piece of mind comes from knowing that you have eliminated the threat of injury when no one is around to assist you. It’s also great to feel a sense of independence, knowing that someone will not have to escort or assist you all the time. Another great benefit is not having to be stuck on any particular level of the house,especially if you are completely reliant on a wheelchair. Ordering from the right company means you have access to maintenance all the time in the unlikely event of a malfunction. The stairlifts are also built sturdily with the ability to last for a lifetime when properly taken care of, which leads to:

Maintenance Tips For Stairlift

There are some very simple steps to maintaining your stairlift that anyone in the home can undertake. In learning how to take care of your stairlift, top of the listis to: 

1. Read the instruction manual

Once your stairlift has been installed, your first move should be to read the manual thoroughly since it contains vital stairlift care tips.The correct cleaning products to use, how often you should clean it, the maximum weight for the chair, and the overall operation of the lift can be found inside the manual. Following the instructions will keep you safe and protect the lift’s functionality.

2. Clean frequently 

Just like every other aspect of your home, the stairlift needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will preserve the life span and keep the lift sparkling. Use a cloth to clean away dust on a weekly basis. Once you do that, there won’t be apile-up of dirt in the grooves, and you won’t have to worry about the lift overheating. Do not use detergent when cleaning your stairlift as it may impact the chair. Consider the cleaning of the stairlift as part of the weekly household chores, and it will make things easier for you.  

3. Lubricate the tracks

Everything that has grooves and tracks usually requires lubricating, so it can run smoothly. It is the same for your stairlift, which needs to be oiled pretty often so the chair does not get stuck in the groove. 

4. Check for Debris

Even ifthere are no children in the house, things can accidentally get into thestairlift track, so you should check it everytime before use.  

While somemodels have safeguards against the chair getting stuck if something is in thegroove, not all models do, so it is wise to check first. 

5. Keep the stairlift plugged in 

Unplugging the stairlift can cause damage to the battery pack. Therefore it should always remain plugged in. 

6. Don’t exceed weight capability 

While the stairlift is convenient to transport items up and down the stairs, it’s important to be mindful of the weight capacity. Overburdening the lift can affect its ability to function properly.

7.Take care of the seat 

Not only should the track be lubricated, but also the swivel area of the chair. All moving parts of the stair chair. A wet cloth can easily clean the seat.  

8. Do an annual inspection 

An annual inspection is one of the most important stairlift care tips. This will allow the contractor to see if there are any potential issues in order to mitigate them. 

Finally, If you adhere to the instructions, you will preserve the longevity of the stairlift. If you have any issues pertaining to the essential care of the unit,refer to your manual or confer with the manufacturer.

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