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Mobility 123 – Mobility Accommodations for Disabilities

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Many people today have a disability that prevents them from doing the things they need to accomplish daily without assistance. Many types of mobility assistance devices and equipment help make doing everyday tasks easier for those who have limitations. Whether the issue stems from a chronic condition, an accident, or advanced age, these products and equipment are essential for many caring for themselves.  These items can provide freedom and safety for many who need it or who want greater freedom. 

Mobility Devices and Scooters

When it comes to being more independent and mobile, many people depend on mobility equipment and scooters. They help individuals cover large distances and space or move from one location to another with minimal assistance or by themselves. Some examples of mobility equipment include lifting chairs, adjustable beds, and scooters. Most are familiar with mobility scooters we see daily in stores and around the neighborhood. They are ideal for those who want to get around safely and quickly without worrying about health conditions, balance, or other problems that make walking impossible. 

Most people who have disabilities that prevent them from walking long distances or at all can qualify through their health insurance or Medicare for assistance in purchasing a mobility scooter and mobility equipment for their homes. In fact, most people who require this equipment can get it for little to no cost, depending on their circumstances. Most towns across the country have mobility companies that specialize in providing these options for the individuals in the area. There may even be the option to rent or lease the equipment temporarily if necessary. Additionally, Beach Butler cargo lift maintenance is easy when using a service like Mobility 123. This company provides Beach Butler cargo lift repair and maintenance for the NJ area, so those who require this product can ensure it stays working smoothly when they need it. 


Lifts are another essential piece of equipment for those who have limited mobility and want to transport items or themselves from one location to another. There are many types of lifts on the market today. A kind that many are familiar with in cities is the stairlift. In areas where many older people or buildings have long-term residents, you’ll see stairlifts that transport the person from one building level to another. These lifts move along a rail on the staircase. The individual sits while the lift slowly transports them up and down the stairs. This is also an excellent option for townhouses, older buildings, apartments, and multi-story businesses without an elevator. 

Lifts are also available for vehicles transporting people from one location to another. For example, public transportation is fitted with lifts that allow people in wheelchairs to get into vehicles from the outside and leave the bus safely. They are usually located on the side or in the back of the vehicle. Vans that offer transportation for those who are disabled also have this feature. Private vehicles and vans can also be outfitted with lifts to help people get from one location to another if they have wheelchairs or mobility scooters. 

Residential lifts allow people to move items from one level to another without struggling or risking falls on stairs. The Beach Butler lift is a prime example of this equipment. It allows the individual to load cargo at the bottom, and then, with a push of a button, they can send it to the next floor safely. 

Get Equipped Today or Find Beach Butler Cargo Lift Repair and Maintenance  

Whether you need a mobility scooter or other type of equipment to ensure your safety and prevent accidents and injury, now is the time to get more details about these items. They can provide greater freedom and a better level of security for those who need it. Lifts are also a great aid to help get up, get going, or move items conveniently, whether it’s at home or on the go. Don’t also forget to consider the Beach Butler lift for homes with more than one level. You can also keep them running smoothly with Beach Butler cargo lift repair and maintenance from Mobility 123. Call today to get the details or schedule a service call for your home or business. 

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