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Mobility123 Offers ADA Compliant Pool Lifts

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Mobility123 Offers ADA Compliant Pool Lifts so Everyone Can Enjoy The Summer Together

Summer is finally here and the temperatures are certainly on the rise. Unfortunately, individuals who are confined to wheelchairs or who have limited mobility are unable to enjoy the summertime fun of swimming in the pool due to a lack of ADA compliant pool lifts. Enter Mobility123. Mobility123 handles the sales, service, and installation of many pool lift access solutions for public and private swimming pools, to provide ADA compliant pool settings for those with limited mobility. It is time for everyone to enjoy summer fun in the pool, and Mobility123 wants to help.

Handicap Pool Lift Options

At Mobility123, we have numerous aquatic pool lifts – all of which are ADA compliant with public pool lift laws and suitable for all facilities. Some options we have for public and private swimming pool areas include:

  • aXs Lift – This access solution has a 300 pound lift limit and can be removed during winter storage. With its 360 degree rotation, those using the lift will have 100 percent comfort and security, and the powder coated stainless steel and aluminum will prevent any rust formation, even with frequent use.
  • multiLift – This is the most versatile handicap pool lift available from Mobility123 because it is perfect for summer use, can be easily stored during the winter, has a standard LiftOperator Intelligent Control system for smooth in and out lifting, and offers right and left mounting options.
  • Pal Lift – This is the perfect ADA compliant pool lift for anyone who needs a portable, but frequent-use pool lift.

The Mobility123 Guarantee

Mobility123 understands how difficult it can be to find safe and reliable pool access solutions for those with limited mobility. That is why all of our products are thoroughly tested, evaluated, and frequently audited to ensure they meet public pool lift laws and are safe for use in private settings. Since pool lifts in New Jersey (NJ) undergo frequent testing, we ensure that all of our products are above and beyond the typical safety standards.

Our team of installation technicians is fully certified, licensed, insured, and thoroughly trained to install each Mobility123 pool lift securely. Upon installation, Mobility123 will ensure that all aquatic pool lift installations meet ADA compliance guidelines before and after installation.

Pool Entry Requirements to Keep in Mind

At Mobility123, we like to inform the public about pool entry requirements and New Jersey (NJ) laws regarding pool lifts that can affect ADA compliant certifications. Those who purchase products or services through Mobility123 will receive an ADA compliance guideline reference book to ensure they meet the public pool lift laws in their facility, even if it is only for home use. Some common pool situations that will require an ADA compliant pool lift include:

  • Swimming pools with more than 300 linear feet of swimming pool walls;
  • Swimming pools that utilize wave action, leisure rivers, or areas where there is only one access point;
  • Spas or hot tubs.

It is time to make summertime fun in the swimming pool possible for everyone with a Mobility123 ADA compliant pool lift. See the difference a pool lift will bring for you and your loved ones this year with Mobility123.

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