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Myths About Stairlifts We’d Like to Debunk

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Mobility123 is the leading provider of stairlifts in Philadelphia and New Jersey. We’ve been serving residents of these areas with new and used stairlift solutions since 2003. Over the years, we’ve heard many claims about stairlifts that are falsified. The purpose of this article is to educate our customers and potential customers with real facts while shedding light on some stairlift-related myths.

Electricity Solely Powers Stairlifts

Most people assume that stairlifts are solely powered by electricity. This is not the case, although there does need to be an electrical outlet near the stairs to plug the lift. The lifts themselves are battery-powered. For most models of stairlift, there will be a charging contact installed at the top and bottom of the stairs. Therefore, if there is a power outage in the area, residents will still be able to access these areas of their homes.

Stairlifts are Fixed to the Wall

The rail of a stairlift is mounted on the tread of the stairs, not attached to the wall. This means that walls will not be damaged during stairlift installation or when the stairlift is used.

A Stairlift Means Giving up Independence

Many people think that installing a stairlift reduces their independence. However, the opposite of this is true. The addition of a stairlift will help to restore freedom if the stairs are becoming dangerous or difficult to manage.

When mobility is limited, there is a severe risk of an injury occurring. Therefore, stairs are no longer safe to use anymore. There are many other ways to exercise that don’t involve danger, such as walking on a path or utilizing a walking aid to help increase stability. A stairlift helps to provide additional independence as it allows homeowners to continue to access all the levels of their home safely.

Only Older People Use Stairlifts

Although the majority of people that use stairlifts are senior citizens, not all people that use stairlifts are older. These chairs are helpful to people of any age that have suffered from an injury or have a disability that makes stairs either challenging or unsafe to use.

For example, if someone injures their leg or foot playing sports or in an accident, they may not be able to bear weight on it for several weeks or months. In these cases, rental stairlifts are an excellent mobility solution for somebody who will need assistance in navigating the stairs for a temporary period.

For more information, and to purchase or hire a stairlift in New Jersey, click here to visit the Mobility123 website today.

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