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Portable Vertical Platform Lifts

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There are many reasons why an individual may need a portable vertical platform lift for their home. In most cases, it’s a mobility issue that must be resolved for safety and convenience. When you work with a top company like Mobility 123, you get exceptional customer service and the top-quality products you need to improve overall accessibility. Consider the portable vertical platform lift buying guide to help you choose the right product for your needs and get the mobility options you need.

Portable Vertical Platform Lift Buying Guide

If you’re an individual with a home with a raised opening or porch, you want to have a vertical platform lift that allows you to quickly get from the ground to the entrance of the structure. Dependability is one of the most important factors when choosing the right vertical platform lift. This product is perfect for individuals who require the assistance of a wheelchair or mobility scooter to help them get around their home or while out in public. Consider this portable vertical platform lift buying guide to help you learn more about the benefits and features of these affordable and reliable lift products from Mobility 123.

Portable Vertical Platform Lifts for Your Home

There are many reasons why individuals with mobility issues need to have a vertical platform lift if they have height discrepancies at the entrances of their homes. The most obvious reason is for safety. Anyone using a wheelchair or other mobility device needs a flat surface to transfer from one area to another without the risk of accidents or flipping over. When you have a vertical lift, you can effectively get from one height to the other with no gap, which means increased safety.

Another reason for choosing the vertical platform lift is that it’s fast and easy to install. Rather than going through the trouble and expense of installing other lifts or even an elevator, you can purchase an economical vertical lift for a fraction of the price and have it installed within as little as 20 minutes. Its ease and convenience easily outline the benefits of investing in this incredible product. This lift is also easy to maintain and has convenient controls located directly on the lift. The self-lubricating product features all of its controls directly on the platform.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you lost power and needed to get inside or outside? With the vertical platform lift, you don’t have to worry because it comes with its own RAM tower of power. In the event of a power outage, it offers up to 40 cycles with this reserve system. It’s designed to be used with any newly installed or existing Trust-T-Lift product. No more having to worry about 

power outages if you require a vertical lift platform.

Flood Zone Security

If you live in a flood-prone area or worry about the risk of flooding, you’ll likely live in a raised home or need a vertical platform lift to ensure you can get up off the lower levels of your home. The vertical platform lift helps you avoid being trapped in a minor flooding situation and provides peace of mind. All controls and electrical components can be mounted above the ground floor, which protects them from submersion and damage. It’s an excellent choice for anyone living in a coastal area or near a river.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Individuals with mobility issues and needs require safety and peace of mind by purchasing portable vertical platform lifts for their home. One of the safety concerns is the entrance of the house. You can quickly remedy the issues with an economical and easy-to-use vertical lift platform ideal for most homes with a raised entrance or porch. Whether you’re making a purchase for your home or a loved one, investing in products with a history of reliability and safety is crucial. Additionally, it’s also essential to purchase your products from a company with an established history of selling top-quality products that improve lives and offer exceptional customer support. Check out the 123 Mobility website today to learn more about this must-have product and learn more about the options and features it provides. If you’re ready to make a purchase or want to speak to a representative, you can reach out today and get the assistance you need.

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