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Regaining Your Mobility

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People take everyday things for granted. Being able to walk up and down stairs, drive to their job kick around a soccer ball in the backyard and even take a shower are just a few examples of activities that can be a hardship for the elderly and those with disabilities.

Not being able to do these seemingly mundane actions can make people’s days filled with sadness and despair. More than one-third of adults aged 65 years and older fall each year in the United States. Falls are also the leading cause of brain injury and death among senior citizens.

Luckily, there are steps that senior citizens, caretakers and those with disabilities can ease hardship.

Home Improvements

Improvements to your home can prevent injury, make life easier and lift your spirit. A business such as Mobility123, the top residential elevator company in the Philadelphia region, can install quality living solutions such as lifts, walk-in bathtubs, automatic door openers, safety steps, custom ramp and home elevators in the South Jersey area. Having these installations can make life easier and don’t have to break your bank. There are many affordable options out there for these devices.

Preventative Measures

The risk of injury is greater when you are elderly, suffer from disabilities or have chronic pain. It is, therefore, wise to take every step possible to minimize the likelihood of such injury.

Removing clutter from your house is wise. This involves moving loose papers, boxes, wires and phone cords from walkways and stairways. Having proper lighting is also beneficial, as you can avoid bumping into items or missing a stair. Installing grab bars and bath grips in the bathtub and shower is wise, as you can easily fall in those slippery areas.

Situational Education

Whether you have trouble moving or are a caretaker, knowing what to do in emergency situations is crucial. Health literacy is important, as it can allow you to make lifesaving decisions whenever a challenge arises.

You should always have a cell phone or personal emergency response system nearby. Having family or friends periodically check in with you is wise in case you fall and can’t get to a phone. Going over what to do with your doctor, caretaker and family in case of an emergency is also wise.

People can shake off their fears by taking these three useful steps. Mobility123, a residential elevator company in New Jersey, will help provide you with the solutions to thrive independently.

Whether you want home elevator installed in Philadelphia or a custom ramp crafted in New Jersey, Mobility123 will be there to assist you. They also perform extensive on-site evaluations; then design personalized solutions for the problematic area.

To schedule a free in-home consultation, call Mobility123 at 856-528-9366 or visit online at

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