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Residential Lifts: Independent Living Solutions Specifically for You

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The older that we get, the more we long for the autonomy and the independence we once felt in our youth. Physical ailments, past surgeries, and injuries can make us feel restricted in what we do, and where we go every day. It’s with hope, and certification, that we here at Mobility123 see that you have the home and the lifestyle that you want in your later years. Since 2003, our team here has specialized in independent living solutions that simplify daily routines, and alleviate the anxiety and the frustrations of aging.

Revitalizing Your Lifestyle with a Residential Lift

Living in larger houses, with multiple floors, bedrooms, and dining rooms, residents can struggle simply relocating from space to space. With one of our home elevators designed and installed in NJ, seniors can safely and easily transport themselves throughout their households, maintaining the lifestyle they’ve always wanted in their later years.

By collaborating with our specialists at Mobility123, you can design the exact residential lift that’s meant for you and your home. All of our home elevators, available in NJ and PA, can be fit and customized to your specifications, whether you’re looking for simple and functional or stylish and high-tech. Above all, our elevators guarantee safety, reliability, and satisfaction.

Installing and Servicing Your Residential Lift

Because of the technical complexity of the home elevator, compared to other devices within the home, they require the expertise and experience of a certified residential elevator installer. Here at Mobility123, we employ the most seasoned and knowledgeable installers in the region, so as to ensure that your elevator will function exactly as intended. Versed in the training, support, and maintenance of all our home elevators – from the Telecab to the Eclipse – our installers have the skills and the courtesy to please any homeowner.

When we oversee the installation of a home elevator, we strictly adhere to every national, state, and local code. We want the installation and operation of every residential lift to be as seamless as possible. Once your home elevator has been successfully installed, it remains under warranty for parts and labor. Should your elevator ever malfunction, our certified technicians will apply the equipment and the resources available to bring your unit, and your sense of independence back into order.

To learn more about in-home elevators, contact us at 800-603-0830.

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