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Savaria Eclipse Buying Guide

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Savaria’s Eclipse residential elevator is a best-seller, and for good reason. This home mobility device is simple to operate and the installation is a lot less invasive and time-consuming than a hydraulic elevator. This buying guide will walk you through the important details of the Eclipse, installation, advantages and the buying of Savaria Eclipse elevators.


To get a better understanding of the advantages and the buying of Savaria Eclipse elevators, here are the features Savaria states:

No Need for a Machine Room

This slim-designed home elevator requires very few components to function properly, so a full machine room is not needed. This minimizes space and cuts down on installation time.

Smooth and Compact Chain Drive System

To ensure a smooth ride and ease of installation, their compact chain drive system requires only 8 feet in height in the ceiling. This also cuts down on the construction needs, space requirements, and installation times of the product.

Gate System Hidden for Space

To ensure maximum entryway and interior space, Savaria has created an innovative gate system that tucks away fully. This will allow the elevator to fit seamlessly into your home while still providing you with all the space you need, both in the elevator and in the interior rooms of your home.

Fully automatic

For ease of use and accessibility, these elevators are fully self-sufficient. With just the press of a button, you will be able to ascend or descend a maximum of six different floors.

Interior Accessories

Not only can your elevator be customized with different materials for the interior, it will also be fitted with elegant automated lights. You will also receive a surface-mount telephone within your personal elevator.

Safety Features

Each elevator comes with battery-operated emergency lowering and lighting, hand-crank for manual lowering, motorized brakes, a lockable control panel, elevator door interlocks, an emergency stop mechanism, in-use indicator lights for the exterior of the elevator, and a slack chain brake system. Safety is an important part of Savaria’s mission for in-home safety and ease of mobility.


Each elevator comes with Savaria’s 36 month warranty for their parts. Contact the dealer who installed your elevator for servicing information.

What are the Benefits of Savaria Eclipse Home Elevators

Investing in a home elevator is a great way to improve mobility around your home. Unlike a stairlift, an elevator does not get in the way of regular stair access, making it perfect for homes with people who would prefer to use the stairs as well as those who may need or want to take the elevator. An installed elevator may also be a better choice aesthetically since it is more hidden and cleaner than a stairlift.

 Savaria’s Eclipse has its own benefits as a preferred choice for a home elevator. It is one of the bestselling mobility elevators on the market. Unlike other elevators, the Eclipse does not require a machine room, making it more space-efficient. It is made out of durable materials to ensure a smooth ride up or down. It is also able to make up to 6 stops and can hold up to 950 pounds. There are HD versions of the Eclipse that can hold more weight as well. Savaria has been making high-quality mobility elevators for over 30 years. They have the best engineers improving their design so those who need it can benefit from increased mobility.

Savaria Eclipse Home Elevator Installation

Due to the complex nature of elevator installation, this device can only be installed by a certified elevator technician. Before they install your device, they will determine the right location based on the architecture of your home and the local building codes they need to follow. After they determine the size of the area, you can choose the style of elevator based on the size needed. Finally, they will have to sort out all the electrical requirements of your residential elevator.

After all of this planning is done, construction can begin on your elevator. It is a big project, but, when handled properly by the professionals, your elevator will blend in nicely with your home and provide you with safe travels throughout your home.

Contact Mobility 123 for your Savaria Eclipse Buying and Installation

For more information about installing or buying a Savaria Eclipse elevator, contact Mobility 123 for residents of New Jersey and Philadelphia

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