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Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift Benefits

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If you use a scooter, walker, or wheelchair, mobility from one level of your home to another can be a significant challenge. The Savaria multilift vertical platform lift offers a great alternative, making movement possible. 

Vertical platform lifts, also known as VPLs, help a person move with the push of a button. They make it possible for a person to get to different levels in their homes without assistance from other people. 

Buying a savaria multilift vertical platform lift offers a reliable and safe solution for people with limited mobility. Read on to learn more about our VPLs. 

What Is a Multilift Vertical Platform Lift?

A multilift vertical platform lift is like a small elevator that provides vertical access to people who use wheelchairs or scooters. Most residential VPLs are used to give access between the ground level and a deck or a porch. Also known as porch lifts, they can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are also more affordable when compared with elevators. 

Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift Vs An Elevator

Although the Savaria multilift vertical platform lift and an elevator serve the same purpose, they have some differences. Platform lifts are quiet, while elevators may produce some noise. Installing an elevator is also more expensive than installing a platform lift. Elevators also require a lot of maintenance and inspection. On the other hand, the Savaria multilift vertical platform lift requires minimal maintenance. However, the platform lift requires more space than the elevator.

Benefits Of Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of Savaria multilift vertical platform lifts.

Easy To Install

The Savaria multilift VPL is very easy to install. It comes fully assembled and requires only a few hours of installation. Additionally, it comes with an installation manual that can easily be followed during the installation process. Installation videos are also available. And in case you are stuck, you can always consult customer care for guidance. 

It Can Be Customized to Suit Your Specific Needs

Some of the features of the Savaria VPLs can be customized to suit your individual needs. For example, if you want your VPL to have a specific color, you can talk to the manufacturer, who will customize it for you. If you need any other customized feature, you only need to talk to them, and they will let you know if it is customizable. 

Easy To Use

The Savaria VPL is easy to use as long as it has been installed professionally. Its buttons are easily accessible; you only need to position yourself and reach them. 

Weather Resistant

Our multilift VPL is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. That means it will maintain Its good condition for years to come even after exposure to harsh weather conditions. That saves you from incurring repair costs or replacing your lift.


Regarding safety, the Savaria multilift vertical platform lift doesn’t disappoint. It is fitted with sensors at the bottom, which stop if there is an object below it. 

You also don’t need anybody’s help to move from point A to point B. in case of an emergency, you can easily use the VPL even when nobody is around. You only need to wheel your wheelchair to the platform, push some buttons, and you will get to where you want to go. 

It Offers a Smooth Ride

The VPLs offer a smooth and quiet ride, thanks to their innovative screw mechanism. You and the people around you will not have to deal with noise from the VPL as you use it. Additionally, riding on it is comfortable. 

It Can Be Operated Manually

If there is no power, you can still use the Savaria VPL, as it comes with a manual hand crank. The hand crank is used to raise or lower the platform. They also come with backup batteries, which means you can use the lift any time, whether there is power or not. 

It Doesn’t Take Much Space

Savaria VPLs don’t take much space compared to other mobility aids such as wheelchair ramps. They greatly save space, making them a good option for people with limited space. They only need about a 5’X5’ installation area. If you don’t have much space to install a ramp, the Savaria multilift VPL is the perfect option. 

Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift Buying Guide

When buying a savaria multilift vertical platform, there are some things you should consider. These include:

  • Capacity
  • Color
  • Platform size
  • Battery power option
  • Space

The Savaria multilift vertical platform lifts have been designed to make it easy for people with mobility challenges to move from one point to another. Don’t let mobility challenges make your life difficult; you can easily move independently and safely. Buying a savaria multilift vertical platform lift will transform your life magically. 

At Mobility123, we make it possible for you to achieve mobility independence. Install our Savaria multilift vertical platform lift and enjoy all the benefits it comes with. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Call or text 732-655-2440. We’re here to help you!

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