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Savaria Orion (LU/LA) Elevator Maintenance

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Such is our human existence that we tend to take things and each other for granted. Sadly, we never know and fully appreciate the importance of something or someone until it, or, they are no longer available or gone. You could say the same about the importance of Savaria eclipse elevator maintenance.

Indeed, you will never really appreciate Savaria Orion elevator maintenance services, until either your Savaria Orion Lu La elevator malfunctions or, worst-case scenario, when you get stuck in your Savaria Eclipse elevator while between floors due to lack of maintenance. Then, and unfortunately, only then, do most of us seem to appreciate the Importance of Savaria eclipse elevator maintenance.

As a family-owned and operated business providing mobility and access solutions for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and caregivers, we, at Mobility 123, know how it feels to be, or have a family member stuck in an unmaintained elevator-it’s one of the worst and scariest feelings in the world! It is partly for this reason that we are urging you to always keep in mind your Savaria Orion Lu La maintenance services.

The other reason is that, since 2003, we have efficiently and effectively served the elevator-owning residents and businesses of New Jersey and Philadelphia by affordably supplying and diligently maintaining their lifts, elevators, and ramps. We primarily serve clients located in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, and other areas in South Jersey. However, whether you are in the New Jersey or Philadelphia areas, or even beyond, you do not have to look any further than Mobility 123 for a family-owned and operated business that fully understands and more than appreciates the Importance of Savaria eclipse elevator maintenance and Savaria Orion Elevator maintenance services.

Savaria Orion, Eclipse Elevators LU/LA Maintenance Services

Ideal for low-rise buildings of up to 3 stories, Savarian Orion (LU/LA) elevators are fully automatic. For a smooth ride, they come with a precision hydraulic drive system. With a carrying capacity of 1400 lb, automatic sliding doors, and commercial-style cab designs, Savaria Orion elevators give human souls high-level access and must be well-maintained and regularly serviced. The same is also true of Savaria Eclipse elevators.

Ideal for the home, a Savaria Eclipse elevator has a unique modular design. It requires only a small space in a closet for components. Consequently, a machine room is not needed and less installation time is usually required. This elevator comes with a durable geared chain drive for a reliable, stable ride and can service up to 6 stops over a maximum travel distance of 50′ to 60′. Available in a capacity of up to 950, its openings can be configured for same-side, straight-through, or 90º entry and exit, depending on the layout of your home or multi-level building. For that personal touch, you can customize the Eclipse’s cab interior, fixtures, and doors. An innovative gate system folds away for maximum entryway and interior space. The Importance of Savaria eclipse elevator maintenance cannot be overemphasized.

At Mobility 123, we not only provide cost-effective Savarian Orion (LU/LA) elevators to code, Savaria Orion elevator maintenance services are among our specialties.

We will maintain your Savaria Orion (LU/LA) elevator so that it has a lasting high-rise look, safe, satisfactory, smooth, start, stop elevation, and feel. At your CALL or REQUEST, our highly trained technicians will ensure that we service your Savaria Orion or Eclipse elevator’s. A full inspection includes checking out each of these functions:

  • safety brakes and over-speed valve
  • geared chain drive
  • emergency manual lowering
  • emergency stop and alarm buttons
  • emergency stop switch function
  • emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lights
  • handrail and silver color-trimmed light features
  • digital display in-car operating panel
  • automatic cab on/off interior lighting
  • infra-red closing sensors
  • cab’s gradual acceleration and deceleration
  • 90-degree entry and exit
  • configuration for same-side, straight through
  • automatic sliding doors, call stations, control panels, and digital floor indicators.

So, whether you are an individual, business, school, religious or professional organization with either a Savaria Orion or Eclipse elevator in need of maintenance, or would like one installed, then Mobility 123 is here for you!

Visit Mobility 123 online or text your questions to 609-385-9575 for a quick response on your Savaria Eclipse elevator and Savaria Orion Elevator. Only then, can you ensure a reliably safe, satisfactory, smooth, start and stop for yourself, family, staff, students, and faculty. We look forward to receiving your call and helping you with your Savaria Orion elevator maintenance services or the Importance of Savaria eclipse elevator maintenance, SOON.

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