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Savaria vuelift installation

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Between 2001 and 2019, the number of new escalators and elevators installed worldwide increased by 63 percent. Mobility, especially in your home, should be less of a concern. One of the best ways to ensure you comfortably move from one floor to another is to install a Savaria vuelift or personal-use elevator.

It is capable of not only increasing your mobility in your house but also creates a sense of elegance and value. Luckily, installing one of these pieces of equipment is relatively easy. All you need to do is follow the required installation procedure and conduct the required maintenance.

We have prepared a Savaria vuelift installation and maintenance guide to help you integrate the required procedure.

What is a Savaria Vuelift?

Savaria is one of the leading manufacturers of personalized accessibility products in North America. Its home elevators are designed with a wide range of features to ensure that your home is more accessible without unsightly or bulky machinery.

These lifts are available in octagonal and round designs to blend with any home architecture. What’s more, these vuelifts are designed with an integrated hoistway that allows users to enjoy straightforward functionality.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Vuelift Elevators?

Unlike commercial, Vuelift elevators are known to provide homeowners with versatility and more style. Here are some of the key benefits of installing a vuelift elevator.

  • Ideal for Aging People

As the years go by, health changes in older adults can make it hard for them to move around their homes. Vuelift elevators enhance movement by connecting the upper and lower floors. Technically, thanks to the technology integrated into these elevators, you don’t have to move into a retirement community or downsize to an apartment.

  • Accessibility

Similar to aging forks, individuals with mobility issues or disabilities can find it hard to climb stairs. Savaria Vuelift home elevators are specially designed to transport people of all ages between different levels of a home, make six stops, and travel 55 feet.

  • Increases Value and Marketability

Even if accessibility might be the least of your concern, the fact is, these great elevators are capable of increasing the value of your home for future resale. Savaria home elevators are designed to add a splash of style and luxury in any urban townhome, single-family house, or estate.

Installation of Savaria Vuelift

One of the best things about Savaria Vuelift is its easy installation. The elevator cab is designed with a modular Hostway to eliminate the need for building a separate shaft. What’s more, all parts can be transported through hallways, standard-sized doors, and stairwells.

Depending on the size or layout of your home, Savaria Vuelift can be configured to have an opposite/single or a 90-degree exit and entry. Ideally, the main aim is to provide access and, therefore, enhance flexibility, regardless of the uniqueness of each floor.

Apart from that, all elements of the Vuelift elevator fit together seamlessly to save you the money you might spend to build a hoistway, hire lifting equipment, or costly renovations.

Here is a detailed insight into some of the critical factors to put into consideration during your installation:

  • Living Space Maximization

The last thing you would want to do is sacrifice your home’s living space for an elevator. However, Savaria Vuelifts are designed with a compact footprint capable of fitting into any tight place.

The best way to ensure you get premium space while undertaking your installation is to attach subtly to a balcony, squeeze the elevator into the middle of a spiral staircase, or integrate neatly into a foyer.  

  • Design and material

Whether you want to integrate a Vuelift Octagonal or a Vuelift Round, it is imperative to ensure you consider the design and material. Both models can fit a walker or wheelchair, but the materials used will depend on whether you select acrylic, octagonal, round, or glass design.

Even so, all models have all the basic features you would expect in an elevator, including illuminated buttons, automatic operation, touchpad phone, automatic on/off recessed ceiling lights, and a ventilation fan.


The best thing about elevators is that they require minimal maintenance. Savaria Vuelift elevators require routine inspection and maintenance after every six months. Note that the first service will require checking components such as gearbox, motor, and drums. However, it is only after 2,000 hours of operation, which is equivalent to 120,000 trips.  

What’s more, while conducting this routine maintenance, do not forget to test your Veulift elevator’s phone. It is recommended to shut down the elevator while conducting phone maintenance — in case it is inactive.

Savaria Vuelift Installation and Maintenance Guide Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to install a Savaria Vuelift elevator for accessibility or add a touch of elegance to your home, the fact is, you will significantly benefit from these elevators.

After going through the Savaria vuelift installation and maintenance guide, what’s next? Contact our team of experts today and let us work on ensuring you get the best Savaria Vuelift elevator installation.

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