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Scalamobil Stair Climber Features & Benefits

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Stairs pose a high fall risk, which can leave those with limited mobility only a few options. Either navigate the stairs, and take the risks associated with them, or avoid the stairs. Avoiding the stairs can also remove access to important areas of your home or other buildings. 

Stair lifts are a great solution, but not all are created equal. A Scalamobil Portable stair climber is the perfect choice. 

What is the Scalamobil Portable Stair Climber? 

This stair climber is a mobile stair climber that is designed to convert your wheelchair into a stair climbing machine. The process is simple and safe, so you can rest easy. 

Simply attach the scalamobil to your manual wheelchair. Remove the wheels of your wheelchair, and the stair climber is ready to work. The intelligent climbing system allows it to climb and descend stairs easily. 

Its battery operated. Once it’s charged, you can bring it wherever it’s needed for mobility. 

Scalamobil Stats to Know 

The Scalamobil stair climber weighs 54 pounds which makes it easy to transport the climber when needed. It’s compact size means you can easily transport it in your vehicle, so it will be there when you need it. 

The weight limit for the climber is 130 kg, or 265 pounds, not including the wheelchair. This allows the climber to accommodate most people. 

The climber can climb or descend up to 300 steps, which is about 25 floors, on a single battery charge. 

It has a nominal speed of 16 ft per minute. This speed can be maintained when you are ascending or descending, and with the chair loaded or unloaded.

The stair climber is safe to use on an incline up to 35 degrees. Most residential stairs are at a 30 to 35 degree angle. Stairs in public buildings are usually this angle as well.  Industrial stairs often have a sharper incline, at 45 degrees or higher. However, it’s unlikely you will need to travel on industrial stairs. 

Things to Know about the Scalamobil Stair Climber 

There are a few things you should know about the Scalamobil stair climber. This includes where you can use it, and what safety features it includes. 

Where Can You Use the Stair Climber?

You can use the scalamobil stair climber nearly anywhere. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor stairs. You can also use it on narrow, wide, or spiral staircases, making it incredibly versatile. 

What Safety Features are Included? 

The Scalamobil stair climber features patented safety sensors. These sensors can detect obstacles and tipping. If the safety sensors are triggered, the brakes will be activated. 

The climber features four automatic brakes as well. 

How Does the Climber Work? 

 The climber uses a battery powered motor to traverse the stairs. One wheel will move up or down, and then the other wheels will follow. This allows the climber to move up or down stairs effortlessly and safely. 

It provides a gentle ride for the passenger, and is easy for the operator as well. 

Scalamobil Vs. Other Stair Climbers 

One of the advantages of the Scalamobil stair climber is that it attaches to a manual wheelchair. You won’t have to worry about moving your loved one from a wheelchair to the climber to travel the stairs. 

Simply attach the Scalamobil to their wheelchair, and you are ready to go. 

Of course, the Scalamobil also provides a chair option, so you can choose the model that is best for your needs. 

Another advantage of the Scalamobil is the way it climbs stairs. It works on wood, metal, and carpeted stairs. You won’t have to worry about damaging your stairs, or creating unnecessary wear and tear, thanks to the innovative climbing design. 

Unlike stair lifts, there’s no installation required. The Scalamobil will go with you, wherever you need it. There’s no need to install equipment that may need to be removed later.  

Scalamobil Portable Stair Climber Rentals

If you are interested in a stair climber, consider Scalamobil Portable stair climber rentals. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who has limited mobility, and needs to move up or down stairs. 

Don’t take the risk of falling on stairs or being confined to one floor of your home. Contact us today for a free quote. Our helpful agents will discuss your needs, and help you get exactly what you need. 

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