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Signs Your Loved One Needs a Stairlift

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Providing Stairlifts Since 2003:

Here at Mobility123, we are proud to provide stairlifts for Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. We offer Philly residents access to a wide range of stairlifts including straight, curved, outdoor, and folding models. Stairlifts are designed to make the homes of you and your loved ones more accessible. Our stairlifts offer comfort and mobility for those in need of some extra help around the house.

When is it Time For a Stairlift?

For some people, deciding whether or not to install a stairlift can be a tough decision, as they feel that they may be giving up their independence. For others, a stairlift couldn’t come quick enough in order to offer liberation from aching joints, and the freedom to move around their property with ease. But what are the signs that you or a loved one may benefit from a stairlift?

It’s Taking Longer and Longer to Climb the Stairs:

Across our lifetime, we undertake an average of 250,000 journeys up and down the stairs. That being said, it’s no surprise that we slow down as we become older or less mobile. As we get older, it can be inconvenient if we need to use the bathroom or answer the phone, but our legs won’t quite get us up or down the stairs in time. Does this remind you of anyone?

You are Struggling for Breath or Dizzy After Using the Stairs:

Does climbing the stairs sometimes feel like mountaineering? If climbing the stairs is causing or adding to health problems, then you should consider getting a stairlift installed. A stairlift can give you the ability to reserve your energy for more important tasks while avoiding a struggle.

You’re Struggling to Find Strength Even With a Banister or Handrail:

Occasionally, people use extra handrails to help them up the stairs, this helps to maintain balance. If they are being used to haul your body up the stairs, they can damage your neck, back, and shoulders. A stairlift is a perfect solution to this strain as it puts no pressure on your body or joints whatsoever.

Mobility123 is a family owned company, and we have been providing stairlifts across NJ and other areas of Philadelphia since 2003. Click here to find out more information today.

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