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Stiltz Home Elevator Lift buying guide

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Being unable to move between floors of your home independently is a hassle and it can be a real struggle for many disabled people and older people as well. Having a huge elevator installed in the home is nearly impossible in terms of function and cost for many people, there are some great Stiltz Home Elevator lift options that may work for your home.

How Safe Are Stiltz Home Elevator Lift Options?

Stiltz is a company that has long prided themselves on creating mobility and home lift options for those that might need a bit of extra help. Each elevator and lift is created with the convenience and the overall safety of the resident in mind. These lifts and elevators are designed to be useful, safe, and also to be easy to install in homes. These elevators are an affordable option if you want to avoid a stair lift or if you just need a bit of help getting between floors.

These lifts and elevators are very safe, the Stiltz home elevator lift is secure, safe and sturdy and is going to help you get between floors safely and easily. They have a small footprint, so they are not going to take up your entire floor or be too bulky. Each elevator is made with special safety measures to ensure that you get from one floor to the next with ease.

The safety measures of Stiltz Home Elevator lift are fantastic and can help you have more mobility and use all of your home with ease. They are quiet as well, so you are not going to have to deal with a loud or hard to put up with elevator. They are quickly installed and are modular so they are going to fit in any home and they are going to be able to go in through any doorway and any home.

How Do They Work?

The Stiltz Home Elevator lift works on unique guide rail technology. The guide rails are parallel to one another and support the entire load of the elevator. The rails are going to be put in place and the carriage of the elevator goes in between. The rails support the carriage and help to move the elevator up and down so that you do not have to put up support walls or make any holes in the walls of the home to install the elevator.

The elevators are driven by a self contained drive system that is not going to be dangerous at all and that is going to lift the entire load on its own. They are safe and hidden from view so that you only see the carriage of the elevator and not the mechanics behind it. This is a great option if you do not want to worry with a stair lift or if you do not want to deal with altering your stairwell or your stairs at all.

This is a great option if you have someone that is wheelchair bound perhaps and they do not want to have to move in and out of a stair lift or if they are going to be home alone and might not have anyone to help them get in and out of a stair lift. This is also a great option if you have things that you need to take between floors and you might not be able to move them up the stairs on your own.

If you are considering having a home elevator system put in, the first thing you need to do is take the time to contact Stiltz and have a home consultation to find out if your home is going to work for the elevator or not. They are going to be able to tell you what options there are, what you can do and where a home elevator might look great in your home and may work best.

Technicians that are trained to install and work on these elevators are going to be able to help you figure out what is going to work for you and your home and help you get your home elevator installed and ready to use. If you are struggling with mobility issues or you know someone that is, it is a great idea to consider a home elevator from Stiltz to increase your mobility.

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