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The Case for a Home Elevator

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A three-story home does not bode well for you and your spouse anymore.

Up, down. Up, down. Up, down.

A bad hip and 60-plus years of mileage on your body take their toll when scaling arduous flights of stairs in your home. You could always move, but the work, time and effort of finding a storage place for your smaller home and the financial toll it would take on you would not be worth it.

However, there is an affordable alternative: Home elevators.

As the leading residential elevator company in New Jersey, we at Mobility123 work with you every step of the way. Here’s why you should hire us to install an elevator for your home.


As mentioned above, climbing stairs can be taxing. We understand this difficulty and will install a residential elevator to make your life easier. The change will make moving and lugging items around your home simpler. This convenience will minimize your worries, provide comfortable transportation and save you energy. When you finally do need to sell your home, it will boost your property value.

Variety of Options

Our highly-regarded residential elevator company provides Philadelphia-area homeowners with a variety of great options. You can choose from elevators such as:

  • Savaria® Telecab
  • Savaria® Eclipse
  • Stiltz Home Lift
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator
  • Waupaca Elevator

Along with these of cost-effective choices, you can choose options that are made with different materials and have interior finishes such as hardwood, veneer, metal, melamine and white lacquered MDF that fit your style. Their modern designs will blend into your home, and you can even choose an elevator that utilizes air for travel instead of cables or pistons.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff has been carefully put together to ensure excellence when developing and installing your home elevator. Our team will work with your to develop a plan that works for you and home. You will be getting nothing but the best as our installers are factory certified professionals. Your home elevator comes with a parts and labor warranty, and we also offer service contracts to keep your elevator running.

Take the next step and avoid the stairs by getting a new elevator installed in your home. You can contact us by calling 856-528-9366 or visiting online.

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