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The Facts About Beach Butler Cargo Lifts

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If you browse through our website, you may notice that we carry a product called the Beach Butler Cargo Lift. Maybe you’re already well-equipped in your PA home with an elevator that suits your needs perfectly, but what about your beach house in Florida or on the Jersey Shore?

If you own a beach house, you know how common it is for them to possess second-story entryways, as a means of protection during flood season. While that’s all well and good, walking up and down a large flight of deck stairs can be challenging in and of itself, let alone when you have heavy or bulky items to carry inside.

That’s where Beach Butler Cargo Lifts come in handy! You may not be thinking about all that fun in the sun at your beach house now, but summer will be here faster than you think, and now’s the time to start thinking about getting one installed! Let’s go over all you need to know about them:

How does Beach Butler work?

It’s very simple to use! By combining non-skid decking, an aluminum mast, a 4X4 cargo cage, reversible gate, stainless steel motors and lifting cables, the Beach Butler comes fully equipped to safely transport 1,000 pounds worth of cargo from ground level up to a deck on the second or third story of your beach home. Best of all, it can be easily powered by a handheld remote. No more heavy lifting up and down those stairs again!


  • Carries 1,000 pounds at a time
  • Two motors, making a reliable dual-drive system
  • Fast transportation, delivering your cargo in a matter of less than 5 minutes
  • We know the elements can be harsh on the shoreline. Beach Butler is well-equipped to withstand them for years and years
  • Simple to use and maintenance free
  • Remote control
  • Great warranty

Watch this video to learn more!

YouTube video

From groceries to luggage, beach chairs and even furniture, are you sick and tired of struggling to get your items up and down the stairwell at your beach home? Never again will you have to worry about moving your things thanks to help from Beach Butler! From our Beach Butlers, to our in home elevators in PA and everything in between, count on Mobility 123 to help you make life easier. Call us today!

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