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Three Reasons to Give the Gift of Improved Mobility This Winter

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The holidays are just around the corner! If you have a loved one who will be spending the holiday season in their home due to age or an injury, then a mobility stair lift or home elevator in NJ from Mobility123 can be the perfect gift that your loved one will use every day. Read on to learn three reasons why you should consider giving the gift of improved mobility in your elderly or injured loved one’s home this holiday season:

Improved independence. Did you know that some senior citizens avoid going to the upper level of their home for fear of having a fall on the stairs or being unable to get down once they’ve reached the top? Stair lifts and other mobility devices can restore your loved one’s sense of independence and give them back the freedom to move about their home without fear.

A lower risk of injury. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every four adults over the age of 65 will have a serious fall, and falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries amongst older adults. A flight of stairs presents a serious challenge to elderly Americans who want to access the upper area of their home but do not want to risk a fall. A mobility device can eliminate the risk of a fall, leaving your loved one feeling much safer in his or her home.

Reduced sadness and loneliness. Imagine if you were unable to access parts of your home due to fear of falling – how would that make you feel? Granting your loved one with the gift of improved mobility this holiday means that you’ll be giving the gift of a widened world, which can help to alleviate feelings of sadness and loneliness.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of giving a mobility device this winter holiday, let the experts at Mobility123 help guide your way. Give us a call today at 609-248-9272 for more information about home elevators in PA and NJ.

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