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Tips For Children Around Home Lifts

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While grandparents want to be able to spend as much time with their grandkids as possible, stair lifts may be the last resort for the elderly to get around their home. Just because a family is interested in getting a stair lift in Philadelphia, PA, or any of the surrounding areas, for a relative in their family, doesn’t mean the grandkids can’t visit grandma and grandpa whenever they want. Following these tips can help keep your children safe whenever they visit their grandparents’ house:

Kids Are Curious

Little children are born with an ample amount of curiosity, and who can blame them? We all remember feeling so small in such a big world. Making sure all children understand that grandma or grandpa’s elevator isn’t a toy and is only for grownups will help keep them safe. We strongly recommending showing your little ones how the stair lift works and maybe even go up and down once or twice. This can help eliminate their curiosity toward it.

Alert to Their Surroundings

There is nothing stopping you from allowing your children to ride on the stair lift. However, if they ride the stairlift by themselves, it can lead to nothing but trouble. Little ones can end up getting injured, or they could do something to potentially break or mess up the stair lift.

Keep An Eye On The Children

We’re not saying that you need to watch over your children like a hawk, but keeping an eye on them every now and then can always help lower the chance of someone getting hurt or something breaking.

Pay For Safety

One of the earliest ways to avoid anyone getting hurt in or because of a stairlift is to value safety. While safety features may raise the price of a certain model, picking the safest and best model for you should always remain a priority.

For more information on our top-of-the-line stairlifts in Philadelphia, give us a call today at 800-603-0830.

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