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Troubleshooting A Bruno Elan Stairlift | Bruno Stairlift Repair and Troubleshooting

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Simple Repair Solutions For Simple Stair Lift Problems

Many service calls can be avoided by performing some basic troubleshooting tasks. Follow the guide below and if you still cannot fix the issue, its probably time to have a certified stair lift technician come to your home to get your lift working properly again.

NOTE: Make sure that the company you hire has Factory Trained & Certified Technicians on staff. This is very important!

Bruno Stairlift Service & Repair 101

Your SRE-3000 Stairlift is not operating correctly. What should you do?
Before calling your Bruno dealer, refer to the solutions listed below. This could save you an unnecessary service call!

Seat swivel: Is the seat locked in the riding position?
Barrier arms. Are both arms completely down (rider in seated position) when pressing the rocker switch?
Footrest. Is there an obstruction on the stairway contacting the footrest?
Carriage safety panels. Is there an obstruction on the stairway that the carriage safety panels are contacting?
Main circuit breaker: Has a breaker tripped or a fuse blown?
Battery charger. A discharged battery will cause the carriage to move more slowly until the voltage drops to the point where the controller will shut off. If this should occur, pause for a moment, then run the carriage
down. Partially charged batteries will run the carriage down, but not up. Confirm that the battery charger is plugged into a live outlet and wait for the batteries to charge. Is the battery charger plugged into a functional outlet? Do not use outlets which are controlled by a wall switch. Is the power light on?
Visual check. Do you notice anything about your stairlift that is different or out of place?

Charging & Battery Charger LED’s

Keep the batteries charged to ensure optimal operation of your SRE-3000. The batteries are charging whenever the carriage is parked anywhere on the rail. Failure to keep the batteries charged, or allowing them to fully discharge, will significantly shorten the life of the batteries. Occasionally check the battery charger LED to make sure the stairlift is being charged correctly.

Charger Diagnostic LED’s

Stairlift Care & Maintenance

Your SRE-3000 is designed to provide many years of reliable service with
minimal maintenance.

For best service life:
• Keep the rail clean and free of debris.
• Keep the battery charger plugged into a live outlet at all times.
• At least once a year , have the stairlift examined, cleaned and lubricated by an authorized Bruno service technician. A complete list of annual maintenance operations appears in the installation manual available from your Bruno

Seat Upholstery Cleaning
All seating and operator contact areas are fabricated of common materials
without a history of causing operator reactions or irritations. The SRE-3000 has been designed assuming that the operator will be wearing clothing covering the torso and footwear. If the user has special sensitivities, normal clothing precautions are suggested. For day-to-day cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution and a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use vinyl conditioners or protectants. For more difficult stains, use an all-purpose cleaner such as Formula 409® or Fantastik® and a damp, soft cloth or sponge. Rinse with clean water and dry with a lint-free cloth or towel.

Transmitter Battery Replacement
To replace the battery in the call/send transmitters, remove the access panel on the back of the transmitter. One 9V battery required. Change batteries annually.

Stairlift Remote Battery Replacement

If the SRE-3000 will remain unused for an extended period of time, turn off the circuit breaker (ON/OFF switch) on the carriage.

NOTE: The batteries may require recharging before normal use if the stairlift remained unused for an extended period of time.

To recharge, simply turn on the circuit breaker and wait until the battery charger LED indicates that the batteries are fully recharged.

Stairlift Key Operation
The SRE-3000 includes a key and lock to disable use of the stairlift (see arrow).Turn the key to its horizontal (ON) position (rotate clockwise) to allow the unit to operate. When the key is in its vertical (OFF) position, the unit cannot be operated using the rocker switch on the chair or the call/send remotes.

NOTE: Simply turning the key to its vertical (OFF) position does not remove all power from the unit.

To remove all power from the unit, you must turn off the circuit breaker.
The key is designed to be removed in either the horizontal (ON) or vertical (OFF) position. If you do not need the added security of a key, Bruno recommends turning the key to the horizontal (ON) position, removing it from the carriage and storing it in a safe place.

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