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Understanding Wheelchair Lift Configuration Options | VPL cover

Understanding Wheelchair Lift Configuration Options | VPL

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Introduction to VPL Configurations

Selecting the right Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) for your home or business can be a challenging process, especially when visualizing how a specific model will fit into your space. To address this, our partner Bruno has developed a series of informative videos showcasing five common VPL configurations. This guide aims to provide a succinct overview of these configurations, helping you understand the functionality and design of each option.

Straight VPL with Top Landing Gate

YouTube video

Ideal for direct, vertical transportation, this configuration features a straightforward design. The top landing gate ensures safe entry and exit on the upper level. This setup is well-suited for residential installations or commercial buildings where space is limited and a direct path is required.

Straight VPL with Top Landing Gate & Platform Gate

YouTube video

Enhancing safety, this model includes both a top landing gate and a platform gate. The additional platform gate secures the user during transit, making it a great choice for settings where extra safety measures are appreciated, such as in homes with young children or in public access buildings.

Tall Straight VPL with Top Landing Gate & Platform Gate

YouTube video

Designed for higher vertical travels, the tall straight model offers the same safety features as the previous configuration but is tailored for buildings with significant elevation differences between levels. This option is ideal for multi-story homes or commercial buildings.

90 Degree Exit VPL with Top Landing Gate & Platform Gate

YouTube video

This configuration provides a 90-degree exit option, which is essential in spaces where straight entry and exit are not feasible. The top landing and platform gates ensure safety while the 90-degree exit adds versatility, making it suitable for complex architectural designs.

Typical Garage VPL Application

YouTube video

Specifically designed for garage installations, this setup addresses the unique challenges of integrating a VPL into a garage environment. It ensures seamless access from the garage to the home, enhancing mobility for users with vehicles.


Bruno’s video demonstrations offer a clear understanding of each VPL configuration, aiding in making an informed decision. For more detailed information and to view these videos, visit or contact our team for personalized advice tailored to your specific architectural and mobility needs.

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