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What are the advantages of a walk in bathtub

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There are many walk in bathtub benefits for seniors. For one thing, most seniors who are able to stay in their own homes strive for that and they want to be able to conduct their own personal care if possible. The walk in bathtub benefits for seniors are many and below we have listed five of the top walk in bathtub benefits for seniors.

Combats Limited Mobility Issues

Walk in tubs can be a great option for seniors who have limited mobility issues since they have a very low step entry threshold area. This means that walk in tubs are so much easier for seniors to get in and out of easily, since they can basically walk right in and sit down. For seniors who need to use scooters, wheelchairs, or walkers, a walk-in tub can keep their bath time as enjoyable as possible as well as simple and easy. Walk-in tubs are much better than conventional bathtubs since they have a high edge that people with limited mobility issues have to climb over to access the tub. This causes a potential risk of falling. There are several walk-in bathtubs that are wheelchair accessible that feature an outward swinging door. There are also options when it comes to bariatric-sized tubs that are great for people whose stature is larger. All of these walk in bathtubs are ADA compliant and feature non-skid floors as well as safety grab bars to provide seniors with extra stability while bathing, as well as increased peace of mind.

Hydrotherapy is Therapeutic

Hydrotherapy utilizes water to assist in reducing or even curing pain and it is a proven medical option the dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Many walk in tubs have configurations in place for advanced hydro therapy which can include Whirlpool jets as well as therapeutic air. They also combined heat, massage, and buoyancy options to help these walk-in tubs reduce aches and pains a bathers. All of these options also help increase circulation and reduce pain that is associated with diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. The warm water stream from the Whirlpool jets can even relax tight muscles and increase the release of endorphins which just happened to be the body’s natural version of a painkiller.

Showers are Included with Walk-In Tubs

Many people do not realize that walk in bathtubs can also operate as a sit-down shower or as a stand-up shower along with being a deep soaking tub. Top-quality providers of walk in tubs also provide a faucet set that includes an extendable showerhead with their walk in tubs. The shower has options that can even be hung on a riser rod, so the person using the tub can have the option of a stand-up shower or allowing the water to rain down on them when they are in a seated position. This is also great for families who live with a person who needs the walk-in tub so they can simply use the shower option that is already built into the walk-in bathtub.

Seniors Can Age in Place

Most people, as they age, want to be able to stay in their homes as long as they possibly can. Assisted living communities and nursing homes can be very expensive and one of the many options for seniors that can help them stay in their home is a walk in bathtub. Walk-in tubs allow seniors to be able to bathe without assistance for much longer than traditional bathtubs.

Better Hygiene for Seniors

Maintaining proper hygiene is important for everyone, including seniors. Managing hygiene can become very challenging for disabled or older adults without the use of a walk-in tub. It is extremely important for seniors and disabled people to be able to keep their skin clean to avoid irritation and to be able to clean any wounds they may have right away. Walking tubs make it much easier for seniors and people with disabilities to maintain a quality bathing routine and to stay on top of their good hygiene habits.

Mobility 123 offers an array of walk in tubs and other products to make life easier and safer for seniors and others. The company not only offers high-quality products at affordable prices but professional installation as well.

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