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What’s So Special About Stiltz Home Elevators?

For homeowners looking for an easier way to move from one floor of their home to another, turn to Mobility123, the most trusted and certified Stiltz lift installers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although Stiltz home lifts have already gained much popularity across Europe, they are just beginning to make their way into the homes in the US, and are the first lifts of their kind made available for NJ & PA homeowners!  

Here are some of the advantages of Stiltz home elevators, and some reasons you should consider having one installed:

You can reclaim access to your entire home.

If limited mobility has made it difficult or impossible for you to use the stairs, a lift is the solution. While stairlifts (which Mobility123 also installs) perform a similar function, Stiltz elevators offer some advantages over stairlifts:

  • They’re quieter than stairlifts because they don’t rely on external hydraulics or vacuum systems.
  • They can carry more than one person at a time: the Stiltz Duo Home Lift can hold two people, while the Stiltz Trio can hold three.  
  • Stiltz lifts are wheelchair and powerchair accessible. If you use a wheelchair or powerchair and use a stairlift, you’ll need someone to help you get in and out of the stairlift seat and bring the wheelchair or powerchair up or down the stairs for you. With Stiltz, you can get to the upstairs or downstairs level of your home without having to get out of your chair.  
  • Compared to stairlifts, Stiltz lifts offer more flexibility in terms of where you can have one installed.  Stairlifts, as you can probably guess, have to be installed on a stairway. Stiltz lifts are freestanding, so they don’t require a supporting wall. They take up less than seven square feet and can use a regular wall socket as a power source. This means you’ll have options as to where you want it installed.
  • Stiltz elevators can carry other things besides people. For example, instead of lugging a cumbersome vacuum cleaner or suitcase up and down the stairs, you can put heavy objects in your lift, which you can operate via remote control.

For more advantages of Stiltz elevators, watch this short video:

Interested in getting a Stiltz home elevator for your Pennsylvania or New Jersey home? Contact Mobility123 today!

Family owned & operated, Mobility123 has proudly served New Jersey & Philadelphia since 2003.

We provide mobility & access solutions for seniors, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.

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