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Straight & Curved Lifts w/ Power Options Available

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A Safe & Reliable Way of Overcoming Your Stairs

If you have difficulty getting up and down stairs you are not alone. Every year thousands of people look for a solution to the problems posed by the staircase in their home. The decision to install a stair lift is sometimes a difficult one to take but when compared with the alternative of moving house, or living on one level of their house, many people have found a stair lift to be their much preferred option. The idea of selecting a stairlift and having it fitted may be daunting at first; however stairlifts can usually be fitted in a couple of hours. The Sterling range offers you a range of straight and curved stairlifts so one is sure to meet your need. Handicare also supply Sterling Stairlifts for staircases outside.[/jbox]

Many Stair Lift Models To Fit Your Specific Needs

Simplicity | Simplicity+ | Sterling 1000 | Sterling 2000 | Perch Seat | Outdoor

Benefits of A Handicare Sterling Stair Lift

Handicare is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of stairlifts and have helped over 100,000 people regain their independence by providing safe and reliable solutions to the difficulties posed by stairs at home. At Mobility123 we know staying in their home can mean the world to some people and we are proud to have helped so many people overcome the problems they had climbing up and down stairs.

Designed with the user in mind

  • All Handicare stairlifts are designed with the user in mind. They have drawn on feedback from users, healthcare professionals and their substantial experience to develop a range of stairlifts to suit different users’ needs and budgets too.

Easy to use, for all users

  • Some stairlift users may have limited dexterity or painful conditions such as arthritis; the Sterling Stairlifts signature operating toggle minimizes these problems by making our stairlifts easy to use. The toggle can be fitted on whichever side of the stairlift is easiest for you to operate. All that you need to do to use your Sterling stairlift is to press or hold the toggle in the direction you wish to travel for smooth and safe transport.

Many safe and practical features

  • The Sterling range offers features such as a powered swivel seat and powered folding footplate; these can make using a stair lift even easier by allowing you to operate these functions at the touch of a button rather than manually. Even if you don’t need them now, they may be something you will benefit from in the future. And battery back-up means they will still work in a power outage.

Fold-Away Design For Maximum  Free Space

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[jbox title=”Foot Traffic Is Not A Problem!”]All Sterling stairlifts can be folded up to maximize the available space. The footplate and seat can be folded up to increase available space leaving the staircase as clear as possible for other users.[/jbox]

Manual footplate

Lifted and lowered by hand, manual footplates are fitted with an easy fold mechanism that minimizes the strength required to fold the footplate up or down.

Powered footplate

If you choose the powered footplate option it will remove the need for you to bend down to fold or unfold the footplate. You can choose to have a footplate that folds automatically when the seat is folded and unfolded, or that is operated separately to the seat by a switch in the seat arm so you can raise and lower the footplate whilst seated.

Parking and calling your stairlift

All Sterling stairlifts come with two remote controls as standard, so you can have one upstairs and one downstairs. This means you can send your stairlift up and down the track without having to sit on it. This not only allows you to park at the top or bottom of the stairs, it is ideal for multi-user situations as your stairlift can be called between levels, just like an elevator.