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Bruno Elite CRE-2110 (Commercial)

Comprehensive Overview of the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 Custom Curved Rail Stairlift: Features and Benefits

As a preferred partner for Bruno in New Jersey, Mobility123 is proud to offer the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 Custom Curved Rail Stairlift. With our expertly trained technicians, we ensure that every installation is done properly and safely. The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 is an indoor curved stairlift designed to help you or your loved ones maintain independence and mobility within the home. This stairlift is Made in the USA and offers a range of features and benefits that cater to your unique needs. In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the many reasons why the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 is the ideal choice for those with curved staircases.

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Features of the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 Custom Curved Rail Stairlift:

Custom Curved Rail Design: The Elite CRE-2110 is specifically designed for curved staircases, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Its custom rail design is tailored to fit the precise dimensions of your staircase, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Made in the USA: Bruno stairlifts, including the Elite CRE-2110, are manufactured in the United States. This not only guarantees the highest quality standards but also ensures that replacement parts and support are easily accessible.

Smooth and Quiet Operation: With its powerful yet quiet motor, the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 provides a smooth and discreet ride up and down the stairs. The stairlift is engineered to deliver a stable and secure experience, with minimal noise disturbance for other household members.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Seating: The Elite CRE-2110 features a spacious, adjustable seat with multiple height settings to accommodate users of different sizes. The seat is also equipped with a swivel function, allowing for easy entry and exit at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Safety Features: The Bruno Curved Stairlift comes with a range of safety features, including a retractable seat belt, obstruction sensors, and an emergency stop button. These features provide peace of mind for both the user and their loved ones, knowing that safety is a top priority.

Foldable Design: When not in use, the Elite CRE-2110 can be easily folded to save space and prevent obstruction. This thoughtful design ensures that the stairlift does not impede other family members or guests from using the stairs.

Wireless Call/Send Controls: The stairlift is equipped with wireless call/send controls that allow users to summon the lift from any point along the staircase, ensuring easy access when needed.

Weight Capacity: The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 boasts a generous weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, accommodating a wide range of users.

Benefits of Choosing the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 Custom Curved Rail Stairlift:

Improved Mobility and Independence: With the Bruno Elite CRE-2110, you or your loved ones can regain the freedom to move throughout your home without assistance. The stairlift helps to maintain independence and improve overall quality of life.

Safety and Security: The multiple safety features of the Elite CRE-2110 provide users with the confidence to navigate their stairs securely and safely.

Customized Solution: The Bruno Curved Stairlift is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your staircase, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration into your home’s aesthetic.

Expert Installation: At Mobility123, our highly trained technicians are dedicated to providing professional installation and ongoing support for your Bruno Elite CRE-2110 stairlift. As a preferred partner for Bruno Stairlifts in New Jersey, you can trust our expertise and commitment to your satisfaction.

Bruno Elite Curved Stairlift Conclusion:

The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 Custom Curved Rail Stairlift is a reliable and innovative solution for those with curved staircases seeking to maintain their independence and mobility. With its custom design, advanced safety features, and comfortable seating, the Elite CRE-2110 offers unparalleled performance and user satisfaction.

Choosing Mobility123 as your preferred Bruno partner in New Jersey means you’ll receive expert installation and support from our skilled technicians, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience. With the Bruno Elite CRE-2110, you can regain the freedom to navigate your home with confidence and ease.

Experience the numerous benefits of the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 Custom Curved Rail Stairlift for yourself. Contact Mobility123 today to schedule a consultation and discover how this state-of-the-art stairlift can improve your quality of life.

Bruno Elite CRE Frequently Asked Questions

The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, accommodating a wide range of users.

The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 is designed for curved staircases and can be customized to fit a variety of staircase configurations, including those with turns, landings, or spirals. A professional assessment will determine the suitability of your staircase for installation.

Installation times vary depending on the complexity of your staircase, but most installations can be completed within several hours by our expert technicians at Mobility123.

The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 is installed on a custom rail system that is attached to your staircase steps, not the wall. This minimizes the need for structural modifications and ensures a seamless, aesthetically pleasing installation.

Yes, the Elite CRE-2110 features a battery-powered system that ensures the stairlift continues to operate during power outages, providing added safety and reliability.

Stairlift batteries typically last 3-5 years depending on usage. Mobility123 technicians will provide regular maintenance and can replace the battery when necessary.

The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 is specifically designed for indoor use only. However, Bruno offers an outdoor curved stairlift model, the Elite CRE-2110E, which shares many of the same features and reliability as the indoor model. For outdoor curved stairlift solutions, consider the Elite CRE-2110E within the Bruno product range.

Regular maintenance is essential for the longevity and optimal performance of your stairlift. Mobility123 recommends annual servicing to check, clean, and lubricate essential components, as well as address any potential issues.

The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 comes with a limited lifetime warranty on major components, such as the motor, gearbox, and rail, as well as a 2-year warranty on parts. Mobility123 also includes a 1-year labor warranty on all new CRE purchases.

The stairlift is operated using simple, user-friendly controls on the armrest. Additionally, wireless call/send controls allow you to summon the lift from any point along the staircase.

Yes, the Bruno Elite CRE-2110 can be used by multiple individuals. Its adjustable seat height and spacious design accommodate users of different sizes.

The Elite CRE-2110 features a power-saving mode that conserves energy when the stairlift is not in use, making it an energy-efficient choice.

The Bruno Elite CRE-2110 is equipped with obstruction sensors that will automatically stop the lift if it encounters an obstacle, ensuring the safety of the user and the integrity of the stairlift.

Regularly wiping the seat, armrests, and other surfaces with a damp cloth and mild detergent will help keep the stairlift clean and well-maintained. Be sure to avoid using abrasive cleaners or soaking any electrical components.

Yes, the Elite CRE-2110 can be removed by our trained technicians at Mobility123. Mobility123 may also offer a buyback option for certain models and configurations.

Additional information

Weight Capacity

400 lbs (181 kg)

Power Supply

24V DC Battery

Drive System

Rack and pinion


24V DC motor


Up to 25 ft/min (7.6 m/min)

Folded Width

15 in (380 mm)

Seat Width (between armrests)

20 in (508 mm)

Seat Depth

16 in (406 mm)

Seat Height (adjustable)

19.25 – 22.5 in (489 – 572 mm)

Backrest Height

18 in (457 mm)

Footrest Width

12 in (305 mm)

Footrest Depth

10 in (254 mm)

Rail Offset (from wall)

6.25 – 9.75 in (159 – 248 mm)

Minimum Step Depth

7 in (178 mm)

Armrest Width (adjustable)

17 – 21 in (432 – 533 mm)

Seat Swivel Range

90° swivel at top and bottom landings

Charger Output

2.5A, 24V DC

Battery Capacity

2x 12V 7Ah batteries

Maximum Travel Distance

100 ft

Operating Temperature Range

50°F – 90°F (0°C – 40°C)

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