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Savaria Vuelift

Savaria Vuelift
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The Savaria Vuelift
Next Level Luxury

A truly extraordinary lift for those who appreciate luxury on the next level. The Vuelift panoramic glass elevator with integrated hoistway is available in a round or octagonal profile, and in configurations to suit virtually any architecture.

  • Panoramic glass home elevator with integrated hoistway
  • Choose from round or octagonal profile
  • Reliable winding drive with aircraft cables for a smooth, stable ride
  • Services up to 6 stops over a maximum travel distance of 42.5'
  • Capacity up to 950 lb for glass models, 840 lb for acrylic
  • Black, silver or white powder coat as standard; custom colors also available.

Your round or octagonal Savaria Vuelift is designed and built with care using the finest materials and reliable components to meet or exceed the strictest safety guidelines. The result is a home elevator that transcends convenience to deliver a ride that is an experience in itself.

Not just a pretty face
Quality to the core

Vuelift is driven by an energy-efficient winding drum drive train system using two aircraft cables for a smooth, stable ride. And out of sight – but not out of mind – the elevator cab is fitted with 24 guides made from low-friction material to gently glide the cab up and down.

Don’t be fooled by Vuelift’s delicate features – as strong as they are beautiful, standard-sized Vuelift home elevators are available in 840 lb capacity acrylic models, or 950 lb capacity glass models. All proudly manufactured in North America.

Materials matter
The choice is clear

Not all glass is created equal. Glass Vuelift models are crafted from crystal clear low-iron silica glass for ultimate clarity with no green hue. Acrylic Vuelift models are built with premium clear acrylic panels – which far exceed code requirements for strength and won’t discolor over time. The effect is a spacious-feeling cab that provides a comfortable, airy ride with spectacular vistas.

Metal Vuelift components are finished with durable yet lustrous powder-coat in virtually any color you can imagine to either blend with your home’s décor, or provide dramatic contrast.



The Vuelift design complies with all safety codes for home elevators. It comes standard with many important features for your safety, including:

  • Emergency battery back-up for cab lighting and lowering
  • Manual lowering
  • Emergency alarm and stop switch
  • Electrical circuit overspeed
  • Safety brakes
  • Elevator door interlocks
  • In-use indicator lights on hall call stations

Your home, your style. Choose from additional options including:

  • Panoramic cab ceiling
  • White, silver, or custom powder-coat frame color
  • Straight through or 90 degree entry/exit configurations
  • Pitless with short ground floor ramp (acrylic only)
  • Up to 6 stops

Download the comparison chart here.



The standard-sized Vuelift models include the elevator cab and hoistway in your choice of shape to suit your personal style, and configured for up to 6 stops with maximum travel of 42.5 ft. Key features include:

  • Automatic operation
  • Illuminated push-button hall call stations
  • Bifold glass cab gate
  • Integrated touch-pad phone
  • Automatic on/off LED cab lights and ventilation fan
  • Textured semigloss black powder-coat frame
  • Balcony attachment or through-the-floor setup



Manufacturer’s Limited Product Warranty - North America

Term of warranty – this warranty is valid for a period of 36 months* from the date that the product shipped from our factory. Purchase price for product must be paid in full for manufacturer to release parts under this warranty.

Coverage – this warranty applies to the repair or replacement, at Manufacturer’s option, of parts that fail due to defective material or workmanship. Manufacturer may, at its option, provide factory reconditioned parts. This warranty is provided to the Authorized Savaria Dealer on behalf of the final purchaser of the product and is not transferable. The Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover labor charges for the removal, repair or replacement of warranty parts but such costs may be covered for a period of time by Authorized Dealer’s warranty, which is provided to purchaser separately.


1. This warranty only applies to products installed and maintained by an Authorized Savaria Dealer in conformance with all applicable local and national codes.

2. The warranty is void if regular inspection and maintenance of product is not being carried out by an Authorized Savaria Dealer in accordance with the recommendations contained in the Owner’s Manual. It is the Owner’s responsibility to keep records of all such service. To maintain warranty, products installed in harsh environments (e.g. salt water, temperature extremes), will require additional maintenance.

This warranty does not apply to the following:

1. Consumable items which include: light bulbs, batteries, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), oil seals, mechanical switches, guide shoe inserts, drive belts, hydraulic fluids, greases, oils, etc.

2. Structural or cosmetic components that are subject to normal wear and tear, external forces and/or misuse. This includes metal panels, glass, acrylic, gates, travelling cable, doors, buttons, switches, upholstery, trim, etc.

3. Items that require periodic assessment, maintenance and/or replacement. This includes paint, caulking, weather seals, etc.

4. Malfunction or damage to product caused by accident, misuse, abuse or vandalism, lack of proper maintenance, improper installation or placement of product, neglect, improper adjustment, modification or alteration, structural condition of building or hoist way, overloading, failure to follow operating instructions or acts of God.

Standard Procedures:

Required warranty parts will be shipped at Savaria’s expense by UPS ground. Expedited or air shipment of parts is available at Dealer’s request and expense. Some parts covered under this warranty may be commercially available from a source close to the job site and Savaria will reimburse Dealer for cost to purchase these items provided that approval is obtained from Savaria’s Technical Support Department in advance.


Savaria (Savaria Concord Lifts, Inc.) disclaims liability for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the operation of a product that has been modified from the original Savaria design. No person or company is authorized to change the design of this product without written authorization by Savaria.

Savaria’s obligation under this warranty is exclusively limited to the repair or exchange of parts that fail within the applicable warranty period.

Savaria assumes no responsibility for expenses or damages, including incidental or consequential damages. Some states and/or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation may not apply to you.

This Warranty supersedes all other published warranties in Owner’s and Installation Manuals and applies to sales after November 14, 2005. *For the Savaria S64, C65 and Roby, the warranty period is limited to 24 months. For Quebec projects with the S.H.Q / P.A.D program , S.A.A.Q and C.S.S.T , the warranty terms shall be the same limited warranty but for a period of 12 months.

Drawings and CAD files are available upon request.

Download: Vuelift Residential Elevator Spec

Download: Savaria Vuelift Brochure

Download: Savaria Vuelift Planning Guide


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