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Handicare Freecurve

Enhance Your Mobility with the Custom Freecurve Curved Stairlift from Mobility123

At Mobility123, we believe in providing the best mobility solutions to our customers, and the Handicare Freecurve Stairlift is no exception. As a preferred partner for Handicare in New Jersey, we are proud to offer this innovative, custom stairlift to help you regain your independence and safely navigate the stairs in your home. Our expertly trained technicians ensure that your Freecurve Curved Stairlift is installed correctly and professionally, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.

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The Refined Custom Stairlift Solution:
A Comprehensive Overview of Features & Benefits

Handicare is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, and the Freecurve Curved Stairlift is a shining example of this dedication. This state-of-the-art stairlift is specifically designed for curved staircases, seamlessly following the contours of your stairs while offering unparalleled comfort and safety. Here are some of the key features and benefits that set the Freecurve apart from other stairlifts on the market:

Custom Design: The Freecurve Curved Stairlift is tailored to fit the unique dimensions and shape of your staircase, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality. Our experienced technicians will meticulously measure your staircase and work with Handicare to create a custom rail system that fits your home flawlessly.

Space-Saving Design: With its compact, single-rail design, the Freecurve Stairlift takes up minimal space on your staircase, allowing for easy passage by other family members. Additionally, the slim profile of the chair and foldable footrest, armrests, and seat ensure that your stairlift remains unobtrusive when not in use.

Ergonomic Comfort: The Freecurve’s ergonomic seat, available in various upholstery options, is designed with your comfort in mind. The seat’s height can be adjusted to suit your preferences, and the footrest can be set at an angle that best accommodates your posture. This attention to detail ensures a comfortable and secure ride every time.

Advanced Safety Features: Your safety is our top priority, and the Handicare Freecurve Curved Stairlift is equipped with numerous safety features, including a seatbelt, safety sensors to detect obstacles, and an easy-to-use joystick control. The stairlift also has a manual swivel seat that allows for safe and effortless transfers at the top of the stairs.

Reliable Performance: The Freecurve Stairlift is built to last, utilizing high-quality materials and components to ensure consistent, smooth operation. The stairlift runs on a maintenance-free, lithium-ion battery, providing uninterrupted service even during a power outage.

Optional Upgrades: The Freecurve Curved Stairlift can be customized with optional upgrades to suit your individual needs. These include a powered swivel seat for effortless transfers, a body harness for additional support, and a range of stylish upholstery choices to complement your home’s décor.

Trust Mobility123 for Your Handicare Freecurve Stairlift Installation

When you choose Mobility123 for your Freecurve Curved Stairlift, you’re not only investing in a top-of-the-line mobility solution but also in the assurance that your stairlift will be professionally installed and serviced by our expertly trained technicians. As a preferred partner for Handicare in New Jersey, we take pride in our commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Invest in your independence and regain your mobility with the Handicare Freecurve Curved Stairlift from Mobility123. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and take the first step toward a more accessible home.

Experience the Mobility123 Difference with Handicare Freecurve Stairlift

Why Choose Mobility123 for Your Handicare Freecurve Stairlift Needs

At Mobility123, we understand that choosing the right stairlift for your home is a crucial decision, and we are here to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Here’s why Mobility123 is the go-to choice for Handicare Freecurve Curved Stairlift installations:

Expert Consultation: Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will work with you to understand your unique mobility needs and help you determine if the Freecurve Curved Stairlift is the best solution for your home. During your free, no-obligation consultation, we’ll assess your staircase, discuss available options, and answer any questions you may have.

Professional Installation: Our team of expertly trained technicians is committed to ensuring that your Handicare Freecurve Stairlift is installed correctly and efficiently. We will handle everything from custom rail production to the final installation, providing you with a turnkey solution for your curved stairlift needs.

Comprehensive Support: At Mobility123, we stand behind our products and services. We offer a robust warranty on the Handicare Freecurve Stairlift and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your stairlift remains in top condition for years to come. Our team is always just a phone call away to address any concerns or answer questions.

Financing Options: We believe that everyone should have access to the mobility solutions they need, which is why we offer flexible financing options for our Handicare Freecurve Stairlift customers. Our team will work with you to find a financing plan that suits your budget, making your investment in a custom stairlift more manageable.

Local Expertise: As a preferred partner for Handicare in New Jersey, Mobility123 is proud to serve our local community with top-notch mobility solutions. Our familiarity with local building codes and regulations ensures a smooth installation process, while our proximity allows us to provide timely and efficient service when you need it most.

Handicare Freecurve Additional Details:

The Handicare Freecurve Curved Stairlift is a revolutionary mobility solution designed to help you regain your independence and enjoy your home to the fullest. With its custom design, space-saving features, ergonomic comfort, advanced safety features, reliable performance, and optional upgrades, the Freecurve is a wise investment for those seeking a safe and comfortable way to navigate curved staircases.

Mobility123’s expertise in the installation and servicing of Handicare Freecurve Stairlifts sets us apart from the competition. As a preferred partner for Handicare in New Jersey, our customers can trust in our commitment to exceptional service, professional installation, and ongoing support.

Take the first step toward enhanced mobility and independence by contacting Mobility123 today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. Let us help you discover the many benefits of the Handicare Freecurve Curved Stairlift and experience the difference that Mobility123 can make in your life.

Handicare Freecurve Frequently Asked Questions:

The Handicare Freecurve Stairlift has a weight capacity of up to 275 lbs (125 kg), ensuring that it can comfortably and safely accommodate a wide range of users.

The Handicare Freecurve Stairlift is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor curved staircases, Bruno offers the SRE-2010E, which is specifically engineered to withstand outdoor conditions.

The Handicare Freecurve Stairlift is powered by a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery. This ensures smooth, uninterrupted operation, even during power outages.

The Freecurve Curved Stairlift features a compact, space-saving design, with a single rail system and foldable chair components (seat, footrest, and armrests). This ensures that the stairlift remains unobtrusive when not in use, allowing easy passage for other family members.

The installation time for a Freecurve Stairlift varies depending on the complexity of the staircase. However, most installations can be completed within a few hours by our expertly trained technicians at Mobility123.

Yes, the Handicare Freecurve Stairlift can be removed by our professional technicians. However, as the rail system is custom-made for your staircase, it may not be suitable for reuse in a different home.

Yes, the Freecurve Stairlift comes with a comprehensive warranty. Mobility123 offers a robust warranty on the stairlift, including parts and labor, ensuring your investment is protected.

The Handicare Freecurve Curved Stairlift can be customized with optional upgrades, such as a powered swivel seat for easier transfers, a body harness for additional support, and various upholstery choices to match your home’s décor.

The Handicare Freecurve Stairlift is equipped with safety sensors that detect any obstacles in its path. If an obstruction is detected, the stairlift will automatically stop to prevent accidents and ensure user safety.

The Handicare Freecurve Stairlift is designed for curved staircases and can be customized to accommodate most spiral staircases. During your free, no-obligation consultation, our technicians will assess your staircase to determine if the Freecurve is a suitable solution.

The Freecurve Stairlift is controlled using an easy-to-use joystick located on the armrest. Additionally, it comes with two wireless remote controls that can be used to call or send the stairlift from any floor.

The Freecurve Stairlift is designed to be low-maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep. However, it is recommended to schedule regular maintenance checks with Mobility123 to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our technicians will inspect the stairlift, lubricate moving parts, and address any potential issues to keep your Freecurve Stairlift running smoothly and safely.

The Handicare Freecurve Stairlift is a versatile and reliable mobility solution, offering customizable options to accommodate various curved staircase configurations. Mobility123, as a preferred partner for Handicare in New Jersey, is dedicated to providing expert installation, maintenance, and support for your Freecurve Stairlift. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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Additional information

Weight Capacity

275 lbs

Staircase Type

Curved, Straight w/ Overrun

Rail Design

Single Rail System

Seat Width (between armrests)

18 inches

Seat Depth

15 inches

Seat Height (adjustable)

19 – 23 inches

Footrest to Seat Height (adjustable)

15 – 19 inches

Overall Width (folded)

15 inches

Overall Width (unfolded)

28 inches

Overall Height

41 inches

Rail Intrusion (into staircase)

4 – 6 inches

Power Supply

24V DC lithium-ion battery

Drive System

Rack and Pinion


3 – 6 inches/ second

Safety Features

Safety sensors, seatbelt, swivel seat, joystick control

Handicare Freecurve Stairlift Brochure View

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