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Savaria Delta (Incline)

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The Delta inclined platform lift carries a passenger with wheelchair up and down a single flight of straight stairs by traveling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Suitable for home or commercial applications, this lift is well-suited to environments where an elevator or vertical lift cannot be easily accommodated.




  • 550 lb lifting capacity
  • Travel up to 80′
  • An affordable alternative to an elevator or vertical lift: Provides access without significant renovations
  • Space-saving design: Sleekly finished traveling rails and foldaway design
  • Machine room-less: The drive system is housed with the lift, so no additional machine room is needed
  • Battery powered/Charging stations: Battery ensures the lift operates through a power failure. Charging stations at the top and bottom ensure the lift is always ready to go.
  • Other standard features: Constant pressure buttons to move the lift up and down, motor housed on board the lift, modular rail system, manual folding platform, pendant control, keyed call stations, keyed operation.
  • Standard finish options: Lightest gray
  • ADA-compliant platform: Optional ADA-compliant platform, ideal for public accessibility requirements.
  • Safety features: Obstruction sensor system on the platform, non-skid platform with side safety flaps, over-speed governor, manual lowering device, keyed access for call stations and emergency stop button.



Additional Options

  • Larger platform sizes
  • 660 lbs. weight capacity option
  • Motorized folding/unfolding of platform and safety arms
  • Fold-down seat with 330 lb capacity
  • Pedestrian warning light and movement alarm
  • Stainless steel rail (required for outdoor applications)
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